Sunday Funday: Background Noise Edition

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There will be some background noise during the presidential election next year and most likely also in the House and Senate races also. Behind all the drama of the election will be an underlying problem for the current president – that is, as Robert Mueller stated above – once he is no longer president, his past will catch up to him fast. 

So Dear Leader will not only be running for president, he will be running to stay out of the hoosegow. You think he and his minions won’t break and bend more than a few election laws to keep his rear out of jail? He does that for no real reason everyday now.

BTW – the twitter dreck that Dear Leader pumps out daily is henceforth know as “Donorrhea.”

Another memorable week? Sort of:

  1. What recently dismissed head of the Iowa DHS will bring a lawsuit against Governor Reynolds concerning his termination?
  1. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was hospitalized because of a possible poisoning in what country Sunday?
  1. Who is, according to his own claims, the “least racist person in the world”?
  1. According to the Russian Embassy in Washington, who has offered Russia help with wildfires now happening in Siberia?
  1. Gilroy, California came into national attention last Sunday when what happened?
  1. An ethanol plant in Northwest Iowa is one of ten ethanol plants that have been temporarily shut down for what reason?
  1. 65 years ago today what grisly discovery was made at an earthen dam outside of Philadelphia, Mississippi?
  1. What is the location at the Iowa State Fair where candidates for political office can give speeches that draw crowds and media coverage?
  1. Markets got very jittery this week in the US as Dear Leader announced another round of tariffs on what country?
  1. Dear Leader accused what House leader being a racist last week?
  1. The Republican exodus from the US House continued this week as what lone black Republican member of the House announce he would not run?
  1. An “America First” campaign speech by Dear Leader in May of 2016 was discovered last week to have been allowed to be edited by what foreign country?
  1. During one of the debates last week, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave an inadvertent plug for what household cleaning agent?
  1. Over in Ireland a 15 year old scientist received a prize of $50,000 for discovering a way to remove what from the world’s waters?
  1. A man was caught trying to transport what non-functioning military weapon in his luggage at BWI airport?
  1. The nominee to be the Deputy Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had his nomination slowed last week due to accusations of what?
  1. 12 billion tons of ice melted on what once glacier loaded large island Thursday?
  1. The new US ambassador to the UN is what frequently absent from her post Ambassador to Canada?
  1. Happy 58th birthday to what left-handed president today?
  1. Nancy Pelosi accompanied what the congress member on her return to her ancestor’s country last week?

From Vanity Fair  

Defending Cummings on Thursday, Pelosi told reporters that Trump is projecting his own issues on her Democratic colleague, that, characteristically, he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it comes to the situation in Baltimore, and that he should address the matter with Kushner, which of course he won’t. “To see the president demean a great leader like Elijah Cummings shows his own insecurity, and his own lack of understanding about what progress really is,” Pelosi said in the Capitol. She added: “The president…really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But maybe he could ask his son-in-law, who’s a slumlord.”


  1. Jerry Foxhoven
  1. Russia – he leads the opposition against Putin
  1. Dear Leader! His assessment has been questioned.
  1. Dear Leader!
  1. Another mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic festival
  1. There is an oversupply of ethanol on the market
  1. The bodies three missing civil rights leaders were discovered buried in the dam – Cheney, Goodwin and Schwerner
  1. The Des Moines Register Soap Box – it will be getting a workout in the next couple of weeks
  1. China
  1. Elijah Cummings (seriously) 
  1. Will Hurd of Texas
  1. Saudi Arabia
  1. Clorox – when she stated that her first act as president would be to Clorox the Oval Office
  1. Micro-plastics.  
  1. A rocket launcher
  1. Sexual misconduct
  1. Greenland – the temperature was 22 degrees celsius Thursday
  1. Kelly Knight Craft (qualifications: she’s rich)
  1. Barack Obama
  1. Ilhan Omar on her visit to Ghana. The trip commemorated 400 years since Africans were taken into slavery in the Americas.

Look who’s here: It’s Randy Rainbow! (5 minutes)


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