Sunday Funday: Fair Edition

Spectacular sights are often a part of the state fair. This is one from 1932 as Roosevelt was running against Hoover for president: (30 seconds)

It is that time of summer for the big party before we go back to school or tend to the harvest. County fairs are in full swing now. They will be winding down to set the stage for the state fair coming August 8th to Des Moines. With all the other diversions that have sprung up over the years it is kind of amazing that the fair system survives as it does these days. 

The fair system with its wide variety of contests in so many categories gives anyone the chance to show off their cooking or gardening or singing and dancing  or many of a wide variety of skills. It is a game where nearly everybody can compete with a chance to win that blue ribbon. All of this is wrapped up with plenty of other exhibitions, games, rides and other modes of fun along a powerfully lit up ,midway. It was fun in the old days and it is still plenty of fun today!

And it is a great diversion from the crap show in Washington these days.

  1. What year did the first Iowa State Fair take place?
  1. Friday the Justice Department cleared the merger of what two giant wireless companies?
  1. Amazon books removed a book from sale and is being pressured to put the book back on sale by a House Republican Study Committee. What subject does the book deal with?
  1. It was revealed last week that when Dear Leader was still a reality TV star he had an idea that would pit contestants against each other based on what criteria?
  1. What credit rating agency agreed last week to pay up to $700 million to settle investigations into its massive 2017 data breach?
  1. Who became the British Prime Minister after winning a party vote Tuesday?
  1. The US will be hosting the G7 meeting next year. What Dear Leader property is in the running to host this meeting next year?
  1. “I love Paris when it sizzles” goes the song. How hot did it get in Paris last week when all time records were broken?
  1. Following weeks of protest, the governor of Puerto Rico announced he would leave office when?
  1. Aaron Zebly was a name in the news this week. Who is Aaron Zebly and why was he in the news?
  1. The Mueller testimony was the big news last week. What two House committees did Mueller testify before?
  1. August 2, 1939 Dr. Albert Einstein wrote a letter to FDR concerning the possibility of what?
  1. Dear Leader sued both the New York AG and the House Ways and Means Committee last week to stop disclosure of what?
  1. What billionaire inmate in New York appeared to have attempted suicide in his jail last week?
  1. According to the Mueller report in how many states did the Russians interfere in the presidential election?
  1. Auto makers from 3 continents spurned Dear Leader’s roll back of what and have chosen instead to follow California standards?
  1. Former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough hung what trending name on Mitch McConnell after McConnell once again blocked legislation to strengthen our elections?
  1. What country launched a lunar rover after their previous attempt last week was aborted just before takeoff?
  1. Rep. Jerold Nadler of NY held a press conference to announce what Friday afternoon?
  1. Paul Mitchell of Michigan, Pete Olson of Texas and Martha Roby of Alabama all did what this week?

Andy Borowitz –

Trump Fears Next Election Will Be Decided by Americans. 

Republican deficits.png


  1. The first Iowa State Fair was held October 25-27, 1854 in Fairfield – so 165 years ago.
  1. Sprint and T-mobile
  1. Gay conversion therapy
  1. Their skin color. Dear Leader thought it would be a ratings smash
  1. Equifax
  1. Dear Leader clone Boris Johnson
  1. The National Doral Golf Club in Florida
  1. 109 F (43 C)
  1. August 2 (next Friday)
  1. Zebly was Robert Mueller’s top aide on his investigation. Zebly was sworn in for testimony along with Mueller by the Intelligence committee Wednesday.
  1. Justice and Intelligence
  1. An atomic bomb
  1. His (Dear Leader’s) tax returns
  1. Jeffrey Epstein
  1. All 50
  1. Mileage standards
  1. Moscow Mitch.” Scarborough gave McConnell the name because of McConnell’s blocking of legislation to strengthen our elections
  1. India
  1. The initiation of an impeachment inquiry
  1. They are all Republican congress members who announced they would not run in 2020.

John Fugelsang:

Americans work more hours, take less vacation, work longer days, retire later. 

But hey at least we’re not stuck with socialized health care. 

repubs blow a hole in the deficit

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