Sunday Funday: Catch-22 Edition

So let me see if I got this straight:

Dear Leader can’t be indicted for crimes he committed while running for president. 

The reason he is president is because of the crimes he committed while running and for which he can not now be indicted. 

That is a really special prize, isn’t it? 

No person is above the law – except the president.

Last week was about as low as I hope we ever go. However, that seems to be every week anymore.

  1. Police in Tennessee appealed to a certain segment of the public asking them to quit doing what since what they did may really affect alligators?
  1. Broadway lost millions in revenue last Saturday as what hit New York City?
  1. Chlorpyrifos was greenlighted for use by Dear Leader’s EPA despite the pesticide’s link to brain damage in what group of people?
  1. The son of what late Supreme Court Justice appears to be the choice as the next Secretary of Labor?
  1. Speaking of SCOTUS, former Justice John Paul Stevens died at age 99 last week. Who nominated Stevens to the Court?
  1. Since Dear Leader made such a big deal about it, what country did Ilhan Omar’s family emigrate from?
  1. Must be true love. Dear Leader hung pictures of himself with what foreign dictator on West Wing walls last week?
  1. After 7 years of litigation, an Iowa jury found found what former Iowa official discriminated against an employee because of the employees sexual orientation?
  1. What long, successful journey ended July 24th, 1969 in the Pacific Ocean?
  1. The US House voted Tuesday to condemn what high government official for racist tweets on Tuesday?
  1. What 4 Republicans joined Democrats in voting for that resolution?
  1. Right wing Billionaire Peter Thiel (PayPal) last week said that what Democratic Presidential candidate scared him?
  1. Britain announced that what WWII hero and computer science pioneer would be honored with his picture on the 50 pound note?
  1. What former South Carolina governor, representative and hiker of the Appalachian Trail is considering a run for the presidency?
  1. A Facebook event is in the works for over a million people to turn up and storm what supposed space alien secret location?
  1. After 5 years just as the statute of limitations ran out, the Justice Department announced there would be no charges brought in whose death?
  1. Puerto Rico is undergoing mass protests in an effort to get what official to resign?
  1. What accused criminal offered to pay as much as $100 million in bail to be released from prison before his trial?
  1. The WHO classified an outbreak of what in the eastern Congo as a “public health emergency of international concern” ?
  1. What two senators blocked the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund vote in the senate?

John Fugelsang

Donald Trump wants you to know he didn’t approve of his supporters chanting ‘send her back’ after he lied about Ilhan Omar hating America & calling Israel evil & having pride in Al Queda & that she had married her brother.

And that’s why he tried to stop them by doing nothing.


  1. Flushing their drugs, including meth, down the toilet.
  1. A blackout that shut many shows down
  1. Children, What does this administration have against children?
  1. Judge Antonin Scalia’s son Eugene appears to be the choice as secretary of labor
  1. Ford
  1. Somalia
  1. Kim Jung Un
  1. Terry Branstad
  1. The Apollo 11 moon landing. All they brought back were some rocks
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Will Hurd (Tx), Susan Brooks (In), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) and Fred Upton (Mi)
  1. Elizabeth Warren. Warren said “Good!”
  1. Alan Turing
  1. Mark Sanford
  1. Area 51 in Nevada
  1. Eric Garner in NYC
  1. Their governor Ricardo Rosselló.
  1. Jeffrey Epstein
  1. Ebola
  1. Rand Paul and Mike Lee both Republicans.


it’s so lucky for Hope Hicks that she’s just a privileged white woman up to her eyeballs in conspiracy, perjury, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice, and not, say, a black man selling loose cigarettes on a street corner, because there are serious consequences for that

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