Sunday Funday: Drumbeat Of War Edition

Wow – well just on the eve of the Democratic debates next week, our Dear Leader once more found a great way to shine the light back on himself – start a war! As this is written, war is still not certain, but with Bolton and Pompeo just itching to settle some scores, spend your money and send your kids into battle, it won’t be long. 

Who better to put war in perspective than the late, great George Carlin, who died 11 years ago yesterday (June 22, 2008) (7:35): Not Safe For Work!

We’ll throw in some debate history questions to get you warmed up for the big show.

  1. Despite requests not to run again, what long time Alabama politician announced he would run for the Senate in 2020?
  1. Perhaps one of the harshest lines in debate history “Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy” was directed at what VP candidate?
  1. Power outages made huge news last weekend. What two countries in South America had power blackouts that lasted hours last Sunday?
  1. Republican state senators have fled what state in order to avoid a vote on climate change legislation?
  1. What city demanded pay up front for security costs from Dear Leader’s campaign last week, since the campaign seldom pays these fees after the fact?
  1. What former acting Secretary of Defense suddenly left when the reasons his security clearance was being held up were made public?
  1. The concept of candidate debates goes back to the 1858 senatorial campaign debates between what two Illinoisians?
  1. In Iowa the big news was the sudden and totally unexpected resignation of what DHS director?
  1. Gloria Vanderbilt died last week at age 95. Her son is what well known news personality?
  1. The mention of what industry by Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren caused stock in that industry to drop substantially?
  1. In an early attempt to engage a president in a debate, what Republican candidate challenged FDR to a radio debate in 1940?
  1. Former aide to Dear Leader, Hope Hicks, refused to answer how many questions during her closed door appearance before the House Judiciary Committee?
  1. A gunman wearing tactical gear and bearing multiple clips of ammunition staged an attack on the federal courthouse in what major Texas city?
  1. Philadelphia had a couple of stints in the news this week. Tuesday a shipment of 15,000 kilos of what illegal drug was seized at a Philly port?
  1. Friday Philly was shaken by an explosion as what exploded into a huge fire?
  1. It is SCOTUS decision announcement month. SCOTUS ruled that a state and the federal government could prosecute a person for the same crime, thus denying that that violated what clause of the 5th amendment?
  1. The administration argued in court Monday that what group of people were not entitled to toothbrushes and soap?
  1. A US House Judiciary subcommittee had a hearing on what topic that stretches back at least to the Civil War?
  1. Facebook introduced what cryptocurrency in an attempt to create an alternative financial system?
  1. Last weekend what major retailer had a nation wide outage of its cash register system which caused shoppers to get very angry?

From comes this story:  

Bolton Argues War With Iran Only Way To Avenge Americans Killed In Upcoming War With Iran

WASHINGTON—Addressing the future casualties in a somber and often-emotional press conference, John Bolton told reporters Thursday that a war with Iran was the only way to avenge Americans killed in an upcoming war with Iran. “Sadly, I believe direct military conflict with Iran is the only suitable response for the heartbreaking deaths of our troops in that upcoming military conflict,” said the national security advisor, noting that only by launching a ground invasion of the Islamic Republic could he ensure the thousands of U.S. troops who will perish in that ground invasion will not perish in vain. “It would be a dishonor to everything our brave men and women will sacrifice if we fail to send them into battle to retaliate for their eventual deaths. Then, and only then, can we truly close the book on this impending tragedy.” Bolton also announced plans to issue 15 preemptive Medals of Honor to military spouses who will be widowed after losing their husbands in the 2021 Battle of Tehran.


  1. Roy Moore
  1. Dan Quayle
  1. Argentina and Uruguay
  1. Oregon
  1. Orlando
  1. Patrick Shanahan
  1. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas
  1. Jerry Foxhoven
  1. Anderson Cooper
  1. The privatized prison industry. Warren said she would end federal contracts with private prisons
  1. Wendell Wilkie
  1. 155
  1. Dallas
  1. Cocaine. (May need a wall in The Atlantic Ocean?)
  1. An oil refinery
  1. the “double jeopardy” clause.
  1. Children detained at the border. The administration also argued in favor of them sleeping on cold, concrete floors.
  1. Reparations
  1. Libra
  1. Target

And let’s end with some Randy Rainbow! 

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