Father’s Day Weekend And Locking Up Children At The Border

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Very few things can highlight the hypocrisies that are rampant in this country like a greeting card holiday like Father’s Day.

Tomorrow we will see movies and news stories extolling fatherhood and a father’s bonds with their children all over media. What we won’t see are stories of how the government that represents you and me is ripping families apart at our border. Nothing could be more antithetical to the supposed ideals of the United States.

We all know what is happening at the border. Families being ripped apart for the sin of trying to escape intolerable conditions in their home countries for a chance – a chance – to live their lives in the United States. The very worst part is that children as young as a year old are being taken from their parents with a good possibility that they will never be reunited again.

Most of us in Iowa are so physically and culturally removed from what is happening to these families that it almost seems like a TV show. Even though we see what is happening before our eyes on television, there seems to be something within us these days that denies this is reality.

Sadly many these days can’t believe reality until it happens to us or someone we know. Having your family ripped apart probably forever should scare all of us enough that we would all be working to stop it immediately. Yet somehow this story gets buried behind more sensational headlines every day.

Try to imagine please how you would feel if you were separated from your kids or grandkids and had no idea how to contact them. You would be outraged and be doing anything to find them. Well, the immigrants feel the same way. They are human. They fled a situation so dire to find a better life for their children in a country known for its compassion.

Instead they found a monstrous situation nearly as bad as what they left. Now they have been separated probably forever from their children. What if that happened to you? You may think it couldn’t possibly happen, but in country after country we have seen what were once members of the ruling party suddenly become the enemy.

We have seen in the current regime once vaunted members from yesterday become today’s target. Ask Justin Amash. Ask Jeff Sessions. Why wouldn’t the current regime use their unchecked power to attack what were once supposed loyalists?

What has America become as evidenced by the kind of things this administration is getting away with? 

Just this week we see the administration moving these CHILDREN into what was once shamefully used as a Japanese internment camp in WWII. The administration has some 13,000 migrant kids in custody:

This is intentional. The Trump administration currently has over 13,000 migrant kids in U.S. custody, including at least 1,600 at a prison camp in Homestead, Florida. Places such as Homestead are commonly described as “shelters” that “house” children, but these are prison camps. They’re worse. In personal testimonies, children jailed at Homestead described not even being able to console one another through hugging and being threatened with prolonged imprisonment if they broke the rules.

Elizabeth C. McLaughlin posted this thread on twitter Thursday afternoon hoping to get it to go viral:

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IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING AT THE BORDER, you need to read and share this thread. 

@jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAinsley please read this.

I have just gotten off the phone with a friend who is a legal volunteer in Border Patrol facilities.

Don’t look away.


My friend has done two tours now volunteering as a legal advocate inside CBP facilities. 

She passed along information about what is happening there that indicates that the Trump Administration is violating every basic human right, and is moving toward military “solutions.”


So that folks understand the process: CBP has outposts on the border. Refugees seeking asylum travel hundreds of miles on foot, including with infants and small children, and turn themselves in at these outposts *on foot.*

Here’s what happens next. Don’t look away.


CBP then transfers these human beings to a facility called “the Dog Pound.” (Here, my friend started crying.)

The “Dog Pound” is comprised of cages, outside and on dirt, with no protection from the elements.

Don’t look away.


There are dozens of teen moms there. 

There is no baby food.

While there, my friend saw a CBP agent take a baby from her teenage mother, strip the baby of its clothes, hand the baby back to the mother, and send them outside to the “Dog Pound” to sleep in the dirt.


The “Dog Pound” has no running water, no covers, no tarp, no care, no safety from the elements. It is freezing at night, and deathly hot during the day.

Everyone is sick. My friend said she saw a baby on this trip that was so sick “I thought it would be dead by morning.”


Toddlers in the “Dog Pound” who had been eating solid food are given only infant formula. Moms are trying to start breast feeding again so their children don’t starve.

These moms are dehydrated, sick, & have walked miles through desert with no water. CBP gives them nothing.


It gets worse. Don’t look away.

From the “Dog Pound,” these human beings are moved to an area called “The Freezer.”

The Freezer is kept at 55 degrees.

Some of the refugees who are moved there are still wet from their journey, and are put in The Freezer wet.


CBP is keeping human beings in “The Freezer” for weeks at a time. WEEKS.

Including critically ill people, disabled people, sick children, teenage mothers with babies.

The floor of The Freezer is made of dirt or very rough concrete. There are no beds.

Keep reading.


From “The Freezer,” refugees are supposed to be moved to ICE facilities that are designed for residential care. They have beds, food, bathrooms. 

However, (keep reading) THOSE FACILITIES ARE EMPTY. 


Don’t look away.


What our government is doing instead is moving refugees to MILITARY INSTALLATIONS.

The announcement about Fort Sill, which was used as a Japanese internment camp, is only the start.

So why would our government be doing this?


Here’s why

These concentration camps (let’s call them what they are) will be under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, but within the Department of Defense.


Unlike ICE facilities, which allow site inspectors inside, there will be no inspection of military-run camps. 

The military will be able to deny access to anyone it chooses. No media. No oversight.


Lawyers will not be allowed in. Human rights monitors will not be allowed in.

The camps will also be protected airspace, meaning that no drones can fly over them to take pictures of what’s going on inside.


The Trump administration will be able to conduct itself in whatever way it wants to without anyone knowing what’s going on inside.

Think about what that means. Think about why they would want that.

This is happening RIGHT NOW. 


ICE facilities with beds and food are EMPTY, because the Trump administration is moving refugees into military-run concentration camps where they can do ANYTHING THEY CHOOSE without oversight, media scrutiny or advocate access.


This administration is already committing atrocities at CBP facilities.

Border Patrol agents at the facility where my friend was working refer to these human beings as “bodies.” Not people. “Bodies.”

They are denying medicine, toilets, beds, food, shelter and clothes.


My friend said that “Flores is on very tenuous ground.”

We’re days away from being met with “we’re not going to let you in, no matter what.”


What is coming is crimes against humanity.

America is already perpetrating mass human rights violations, and this administration is setting it up so they can do far worse, in secret, under military supervision.


Military forces are already been shifted to CBP. My friend saw *coast guard agents* (read that again) working for CBP at this facility.

If we do nothing, there will be blood on our hands.


If Pelosi does nothing, there will be blood on her hands and the hands of every Democrat who refuses to act to end this administration’s reign.

Fascism is here. 


If this enrages you, devastates you, frightens you, share this thread.

Then call your member of Congress and read it to them.

Then call @SpeakerPelosi and ask her why she sits silently by as our government does this.


We’re on a fast train to hell.

There’s only one way to stop it.

Trump must be removed from power immediately, by any legal means, using every weapon in our arsenal.


This is where we are. This is WHO we are.

Look reality in the face. Don’t look away.

Fight like human life depends on it.

It does. It does. It does.

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