Sunday Funday: Vetoing Medical Marijuana Edition

kim reynolds

hard to see forward with your eyes closed

Far sighted Kim Reynolds once again had a chance to bring a bit of Iowa into the 21st century by signing a bill to expand the use of medical marijuana in Iowa. Instead she used her governor’s ability to see into the future. Rather than seeing individuals whose pain or medical problem is relieved by medical marijuana she sees an Iowa ravaged by the scourge of cannabis as pointed out to her no doubt by representatives of the Pharma and alcohol industries.

The Iowa state drug czar (did Putin pick this czar?) claimed “there’s “limited scientific consensus” about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the governor made a prudent decision.” One has to wonder if he or she was advised of this “limited scientific consensus” by the barkeeper at their favorite watering hole. Claiming that marijuana may be harmful while continuing to sell alcohol and nicotine is sure ass backward.

Once again Iowa has been saved from the scourge of pain relief by leaders who are truly the pain in the rear.

  1. What was the name on that ship that the Navy had to cover so that Dear Leader would not have a temper tantrum if he should accidentally see it?
  1. Memorial Day is a somber day of remembrance of US war dead. Where was Dear Leader for Memorial Day?
  1. What former member of Dear Leader’s staff faced an “existential crisis” on whether or not to comply with congressional subpoenas?
  1. June 6th will be the 75th anniversary of the Allies invasion of Europe. Who was the head of the D-Day invasion for the Allies?
  1. What leading Allie general was used as a decoy to draw German soldiers to believe the invasion of Europe would happen at Pas-de-Calais and not Omaha Beach?
  1. What leading figure in Russia election sabotage investigation gave an unexpected news briefing Wednesday morning?
  1. At the Harvard commencement Thursday, what world leader offered a thinly veiled major criticism of Dear Leader’s policies?
  1. For the 3rd time in 2 weeks a compromise disaster relief bill passed overwhelmingly by both houses of congress has been blocked by a member of what group?
  1. As of Friday what state was on the verge of having its only abortion clinic shut down?
  1. With just short of 1000 new cases just this year what once nearly eradicated childhood disease has already hit a 27 year high for a year?
  1. According to Rep. Adam Schiff “There is an epidemic of “ what in the GOP?
  1. June 5th, 1968, what leading US political figure was assassinated in Los Angeles?
  1. What major international leader will be stepping down as prime Minister of her country next Friday?
  1. Senate Leader McConnell publicly switched his position on the appointment of what position in a presidential election year?
  1. June 7th, 1965, in Griswold v. Connecticut the Supreme Court upheld a married couple’s right to do what?
  1. The Supreme Court last week upheld Indiana’s law that requires the burial or cremation of what?
  1. Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. has asked for the return of his $21.5 million donation to the Alabama University system over what new Alabama state policy?
  1. What ultra rich woman pledged to donate half of her fortune to charity Tuesday?
  1. The cost to Dayton, Ohio to provide protection to the 9 members of the Ku Klux Klan for their demonstration a week ago Saturday was what?
  1. What company is being sued by the state of Oklahoma for its role in making the opioid crisis in that state?

John Fugelsang on Twitter:

In 2018, every one of the 50 extremist killings in the US tracked by the ADL was committed by a man w/ties to a right-wing extremist group. White supremacists were responsible for 78% of them. And if one of them leaked WH secrets while murdering ppl maybe Trump would mention it.


  1. The John McCain. Dear leader loses another on to a dead gut.
  1. Japan
  1. Hope Hicks
  1. Gen. Eisenhower
  1. Gen. Patton
  1. Robert Mueller
  1. Angela Merkel
  1. A Republican member of the House.
  1. Missouri
  1. Measles
  1. Cowardice
  1. Robert F. Kennedy
  1. Theresa May
  1. Supreme Court Justice. Suddenly it is ok for a president to appoint a justice in an election year.
  1. Practice birth control
  1. A fetus
  1. Alabama’s strict abortion law.
  1. McKenzie Bezos
  1. $650,000
  1. Johnson and Johnson

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, took advantage of Donald Trump’s storming out of an Oval Office meeting on Wednesday to hide the nuclear codes, Pelosi has confirmed.

Moments after Trump threw a tantrum and abruptly left his own office, the quick-thinking Pelosi turned to Senator Charles Schumer, who was also present for the meeting, and said, “Chuck, we’ve got to find those nuclear codes and hide them.”

Pelosi and Schumer ransacked the Oval Office for the codes until Pelosi finally located them in a desk drawer under a pile of empty Quarter Pounder containers from McDonald’s.

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