Sunday Funday: Uterine Support System Edition

Sam Bee teaches sex education to senators: (10 minutes)

Women will now be reclassified (hat tip to Mike Lukovich for this term) as “Uterine Support Systems.” 

It is certainly too bad that humor can’t get through to the Trumpist Party member. Sam Bee’s humor in the above segment is spot on, but probably way over the head of most Trump Party legislators. Their job is not to question or delve into problems, their job is to do what they are told.

Another dark week.

  1. There were several celebrity deaths this week. Perhaps the saddest was what furry little girl who became an internet sensation with her permanent sad face?
  1. What White House economics advisor accidentally admitted that yes, indeed, US consumers would be ultimately paying for the tariffs imposed by the administration?
  1. Four states passed strict anti-abortion laws last week. Georgia and Ohio were mentioned in the video above. What two other states joined the pits last week?
  1. Dear Leader has taken steps to have what major holiday celebration to put the focus on himself and a speech he plans to make?
  1. What former Cedar Rapids news personality announced a challenge to first district congress member Abby Finkenauer last week?
  1. Humorist and current Atty. General asked what prominent Democrat if they “brought their handcuffs?”?
  1. A couple of new candidates slipped in to the Democratic presidential contest this week. What governor and what mayor announced runs this week?
  1. The drums of war beat quite a bit louder as the US positioned ships near what country?
  1. A general from what country said that US claims of increased threats in the Middle East were false?
  1. Which one of Dear Leader’s golf resorts in Florida was said to be “hemorrhaging money”?
  1. Senator Grassley described himself as what as Dear Leader’s trade war with China continues?
  1. In a real surprise what long time televangelist said that “Alabama may have gone too far” with its portion ban?
  1. The 25 Alabama senators that voted for the abortion ban had what two major traits in common?
  1. What Democratic lawyer from Des Moines announced a run for the US senate last week?
  1. The governor of what state admitted that two of its counties had voting machines hacked during the 2016 election?
  1. Women protested Alabama’s draconian abortion laws by appearing at the state capital dressed like characters from what novel?
  1. Senator Ted Cruz during a committee hearing warned the country against what imaginary villains?
  1. What messaging app admitted it had a vulnerability that left phones open to spying?
  1. What three celebrities most popular in the ’60s and ’70s died last week?
  1. Calling Fox News a “hate for profit racket” what Democratic candidate refused an offer to do a town hall with them?

AOC asks Gilead CEO about the price of their HIV drug (1.5 minutes)


  1. Grumpy cat – died from a urinary infection Tuesday
  1. Larry Kudlow
  1. Alabama and Missouri
  1. July 4th
  1. Ashley Hinson. Being on TV really helps with the name recognition
  1. Speaker Pelosi.
  1. Governor of Montana Steve Bullock and Mayor of NYC Bill DiBlasio
  1. Iran
  1. Britain
  1. Doral National 
  1. “Disappointed” Every Iowan should be outraged, senator!
  1. Pay Robertson.
  1. They were male and white
  1. Kimberly Graham
  1. Florida – note that this was 2016 so there is a good chance that Clinton may have won Florida. They did not say which counties or if there were only 2 counties. Speculation focuses on Dade and Broward counties which are the two most Democratic. Nothing said about 2018 so there is a very good chance it happened in 2018.
  1. “The Handmaid’s Tale”
  1. “Space Pirates!”
  1. WhatsApp
  1. Doris Day, Tim Conway and Peggy Lipton
  1. Elizabeth Warren – good call.

Another Steve King strange statement – from radioiowa news:

Congressman Steve King and three Republicans who’re planning to challenge King in next year’s GOP primary spoke to a gathering of Christian conservatives Saturday night.

King, who was last to speak, was cheered when he started and many in the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he concluded with this: “I’m walking in the fire now and I’m going to walk through the fire and we’re going to prove their bullets aren’t real.”

What the hell does that mean? This guy sure has a strange fixation on guns and bullets and, I guess, martyrdom? Strange.

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