Iowa Drops In “Best State” Poll

Well, that didn’t last long – from 2018: (1.5 minutes)

Healthcare Education Economy Opportunity Infrastructure Crime & Correction  Fiscal Stability Quality of Life

Iowa 2019. (#14)

 20                      9           32              23                    2                      17                             19                       32

Iowa 2018 (#1) 

  3                         5          17               4                      1                      15                             21                         9

The above rankings were taken from US News & World Report for 2018  and 2019.

Iowa was ranked #1 in 2018 and #14 in 2019. That is a fairly steep drop. Considering that the rankings are supplied by a national survey, it appears Iowa is no longer thought of as the idyllic place it was once thought to be.

“The Best States rankings from U.S. News & World Report shows how each of the 50 U.S. states ranks in 71 metrics across eight categories. The data behind the rankings aims to show how well states serve their residents in a variety of ways. 

In calculating the rankings, each of the eight categories was assigned weightings based on the average of three years of data from an annual national survey that asked a total of more than 50,000 people to prioritize each subject in their state: “ (The various metrics are then listed here)

What was it that made such a difference? 

If I were to venture a guess one of the biggest factors would be Trump’s trade war that he is fighting using the farm community’s livelihood as his weapons. Hard to be optimistic when your major industry is the focus of a trade war with the world’s second leading economy.

Having the trade wars as a background may make many stop and look around a bit more closely at other aspects of living in Iowa.

Certainly Iowa’s Medicaid mess is also a black mark on the state. This can be noted by the major drops in the categories for Health Care and Quality of Life.

It is also interesting to note that the state of Washington is now listed as the top state to live in. As we noted here at blogforiowa a couple of weeks ago Governor Jay Inslee has been a driver for running Washington on progressive values. That appears to be appreciated by  Washingtonians.

My guess is that many of the policies that have been enacted with our one party rule in this state from union busting to voter suppression to revenue cutting for cities and towns to squashing local minimum wage raises to the first in the nation insane abortion policy. 

In the last few years Iowa has changed from a real leader to a state that wants to emulate the likes of Mississippi. The citizens have noticed and we are headed that way. 

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2 Responses to Iowa Drops In “Best State” Poll

  1. C.A. says:

    It should also be noted that this year, for the first time, there was a “natural environment” category. (And why there wasn’t such a category before, I don’t understand.) Iowa ranked 32nd in the “natural environment” category, so that didn’t help our overall score.

    And frankly, I’m surprised we were ranked as high as 32nd. Utah, Maine, and Alaska were all ranked below Iowa in “natural environment,” but those states all have “natural environments” that attract large numbers of tourists. Iowa, on the other hand, has less of its original landscape left than any other state.


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