Elizabeth Warren First Democrat To Stand Up To Right Wing Media

Elizabeth Warren so far is the only Democratic presidential candidate I know of who has refused to do a town hall event on Fox “News.” Other candidates are still offering the same old lame, cliche excuses, basically perpetuating the problem by saying they are trying to reach the voters who watch Fox (which is impossible because Fox viewers are essentially brainwashed).  Fox “News” is nothing more than a fake, reality TV show.  Do Democrats think they will be able to prod the viewers into voting Democratic by simply explaining things?

This is an excerpt from an article  by Jen Senko that appeared on Citizentruth.org on May 16 after Warren announced her decision not to appear on a Fox “News” town hall. Senko is the writer and director of the outstanding documentary about the rise of right wing media in America, “The Brainwashing of My Dad.” The film is a chronicle of how she lost her father after he became addicted to Rush Limbaugh, and became someone unrecognizable to her and the family.

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Fox News is “designed to turn us against each other, risking life and death consequences, to provide cover for the corruption that’s rotting our government and hollowing out our middle class.”  – Elizabeth Warren

By Jen Senko

Offered by Fox TV to do a Fox town hall, Elizabeth Warren made the tough decision not to accept this past Tuesday. Elizabeth Warren needs to be recognized and encouraged for taking a stand and speaking out about the problems Fox News is causing with American political discourse in the age of Donald Trump.

I am heartened that a major candidate is finally speaking out about what Fox has become: a right-wing propaganda machine that feeds its cult followers lies, distortions and conspiracy theories which ends up just widening our nation’s already dangerous divide. Instead of appearing on Fox’s arranged forum where they have control, Warren has opted to go right into the heart of Fox country and reach that Fox audience in person by doing town halls in 17 red states. That’s brave – like walking into a lion’s den. It’s also just as effective.

I, like millions of others, lost my father to Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and all of the right-wing propaganda dreamed up by right-wing think tanks, too often funded by libertarian billionaires whose goal – for the last forty or so years – is to have one party rule for the benefit of themselves and their corporate backers.

My father had been an open-minded, not very political Democrat, but on a lengthened commute to work he discovered talk radio – which was the gateway drug. Sometime after, he discovered Fox News. After he retired he spent his days listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching Fox – often simultaneously. My family watched in alarm as he changed into a very angry, fearful, radicalized far-right Republican who spouted right-wing talking points and propaganda as if in a fever dream.

I made a documentary called, “The Brainwashing of My Dad.” I soon found out losing loved ones to right-wing media – especially Fox – was a common phenomenon.

It is time for all of the candidates to confront the reality that Fox “News” and right-wing talk shows like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones have taken hold of almost 40% of the country.

We need to realize that the rise of right-wing media has not only divided families but put our democracy in jeopardy. It also ultimately created a Frankenstein – Trump. The divide will only continue unless more courageous politicians like Elizabeth Warren have the courage to call Fox out for what it is.

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