Sunday Funday: Easter Earth Day Edition

sad to believe

Earth Day comes right after Easter this year. Maybe some in the media can help Americans make the jump from believing in unprovable mystic mumbo-jumbo into believing in scientific facts and analysis. 

We have had warning after warning after warning, with each subsequent warning more dire than the previous one. We are seeing predicted effects of climate change coming true in increased flooding, forest fires and extreme weather. Yet people still refuse to believe reality. For the sake of their children and grandchildren we must awaken and engage in the humongous task of turning the change back.

Today is a good time to start.

We will also need visionary leadership, not Dear Leader.

  1. It was a big news week. The first huge news story concerned the fire at what world architectural and cultural site?
  1. Speaking in his capacity as Fire-Chief-In-Chief, Dear Leader recommended what fire fighting strategy that would have destroyed the target?
  1. While all sorts of conspiracy theories flying, investigators attributed the fire’s start to what rather common source?
  1. What common snack food got its unique design baked as a Passover treat resembling a person with their arms folded in prayer?
  1. A bill advancing in the Illinois legislature would ban a presidential candidate from the ballot if they do not reveal what information about themselves?
  1. The second huge story of the week involved the release of the Mueller report. In order to slow the release of the Mueller Report, the Justice Department released the report in what format?
  1. Friday morning, what House committee chairman issued a subpoena for the full unredacted Mueller Report?
  1. When was the first Earth Day celebrated?
  1. What top administration official(s) will be paying homage to the NRA at the NRA’s convention next Friday?
  1. Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee complained Monday about the Committee’s plan to investigate what common state election laws?
  1. What American river caught fire in 1969 and became an impetus to start Earth Day?
  1. The Iowa House voted for an annual registration fee for what class of vehicles?
  1. What top sports star was announced as a recipient of the Medal of Freedom by dear Leader on Monday?
  1. Dear Leader got a primary challenger this week. What former Republican governor announced a run for president Monday?
  1. Who wrote the book Silent Spring about the effects of pesticides on nature that is considered the first environmental book?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate released 10 years of tax returns on tax day, April 15th?
  1. Which presidential candidate announced a proposal to ban drilling or mining on federal lands?
  1. Dear Leader sent out a tweet that interspersed what Democratic congress member with shots of 9/11 attacks?
  1. Madagascar has seen 115,000 infected with 1,200 having died due to an outbreak of what disease?
  2. In an odd “art imitates reality” environmental tragedy, what movie about a nuclear power plant meltdown came out about two weeks before an actual near-meltdown at Three Mile Island?


Jeff Tiedrich 

Presidential quotes:

Lincoln: “four score and seven years ago”

FDR: “nothing to fear but fear itself”

Truman: “the buck stops here”

Eisenhower: “beware the military-industrial complex”

JFK: “ask not what your country can do for you”

Reagan: “tear down this wall”

Trump: “I’m fucked”


  1. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  1. Water tanks (air dropping water from planes).  This would have destroyed everything.
  1. Electric sparks catching combustible materials on fire in a work area.
  1. Pretzels
  1. Their last 5 years of tax returns
  1. CD-Rom
  1. Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York
  1. April 22, 1970 (this is #49) 
  1. Both Dear Leader and under-Dear Leader
  1. Voter suppression laws. Kansas, Georgia and Texas have been contacted for information so far.
  1. The Cuyahoga River in Ohio
  1. Electric
  1. Tiger Woods
  1. William Weld of Massachusetts
  1. Rachel Carson
  1. Bernie Sanders
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar
  1. Measles. 
  1. “The China Syndrome”

Remember folks, there is no “Planet B.” Treat your Earth like your life depends on it, no matter what Republicans tell you!

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