Sunday Funday: Incompetence Edition

Have you ever seen a group so incompetent at governing as this current crop of Republicans? From Dear Leader who thinks windmill noise causes cancer on down to our Dear Governor who just can’t decide so she defers to the eminently qualified cancer detector Dear Leader:

Gov. Kim Reynolds, also a Republican, addressed Trump’s remarks with reporters Wednesday as well and highlighted the important role wind energy plays in Iowa’s economy. However, she declined to say whether she thinks Trump is wrong that wind turbines can cause cancer.  “That’s not my place,” she said. “You know how those things change,” she said. “One year, coffee’s good for you. The next year, coffee causes cancer.”

So drinking a cup of coffee by the windmill is suicide, but guns are safe!

We could go on and on, but we all might start crying. Good Grief I miss the competence of an Obama or a Vilsack.

Here we go:

  1. Even though he was born in the Bronx (NYC), Dear Leader insisted this week that his dad was born where?
  1. What most famous resident of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, England is about to be (or may have already been) removed and then arrested by British police?
  1. What radical right Republican congressman from Florida is mulling a run for the senate – in Alabama?
  1. Topping his selection of incompetent Stephen Moore to be on the Federal Reserve Board, Dear Leader mentioned what even more incompetent individual as a possible nominee also?
  1. Which Democratic presidential candidate has proposed that CEOs be held accountable for their companies malfeasance and spend time in jail?
  1. Dear Leader proposed (then withdrew) shutting borders with what country last week? This action would lead to drastic economic consequences for the US.
  1. Almost missed this a couple of weeks ago. What US official publicly called for the US to send a manned space mission to the moon?
  1. To repeat our weekly question, what is going on with Brexit?
  1. Trisha Newbold is a name in the news this week that is raising hopes among Democrats and blood pressure among Republicans. Why?
  1. New gun restrictions passed the first of three votes by a 119 to 1 majority in what country’s parliament last week?
  1. Iowa’s ridiculous privatized Medicaid system had another huge upheaval last week when what MCO (managed care organization) opted out of the system?
  1. The administration is planning to cut the number of federal inspectors for what major Iowa product by 40% starting next month?

  2. The percentage of Americans not engaging in what adult activity reached an all time high last year at a whopping 23%?
  1. Well it looks like restoration of voting rights for what group of people has failed in the Iowa legislature?
  1. What senior White House official was identified as the senior official whose security clearance was denied by career security officials?
  1. How many administration officials had security clearance denied only to have the denials overridden by Dear Leader?
  1. What rock ’n’ roll icon had successful heart valve surgery Friday?
  1. Who is Lori Lightfoot?
  1. We’re number 1! It was announced Wednesday that Iowa led the nation in structurally deficient what?
  1. The USDA announced this week that it would stop using what animals in its toxoplasmosis studies?


Last month, every Republican in the House voted to make the Mueller report public.  

This week, every Republican on the Judiciary Committee voted against letting @RepJerryNadler subpoena the report so it can’t ever be made public.


  1. Germany – maybe Dear Leader wishes his dad was a certain famous German?
  1. Julian Assange
  1. Matt Gaetz
  1. Herman Cain
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Mexico
  1. Mike Pence
  1. Send your answers to Theresa May  #10 Downing Street   London, England
  1. Newbold is the career security official who blew the whistle last week on the high number of administration officials whose denial of security was overridden by Dear Leader.
  1. New Zealand
  1. United Health Care
  1. Pork
  1. Having sex
  1. Felons who have served their sentence. Iowa is one of two states where felons must petition for restoration.
  1. Jared Kushner. Massive debt was one problem which seems to have been cleared up by a foreign power.
  1. 25
  1. Mick Jagger
  1. The newly elected mayor of Chicago.
  1. Bridges
  1. Cats

Andy Borowitz:

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—After praising Donald J. Trump, on Sunday, for cutting aid to “three Mexican countries,” the cast of “Fox & Friends” blamed former President Barack Obama for creating additional Mexicos during his tenure in the White House.

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1 Response to Sunday Funday: Incompetence Edition

  1. Janna Swanson says:

    I am the president of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights in Iowa. We are a large statewide grassroots organization of people who do live in existing or proposed wind installations all across the state.

    The wind industry offers money and hold harmless contracts with a list of negative impacts to all residents who live within ½ of any wind turbine. The negative impacts they admit in their contracts include shadow flicker, visual blight, noise, vibration, air turbulence, wake, electromagnetic and frequency interference. All neighbors of industrial wind turbines are closer than ½ mile to turbines in Iowa. Industrial wind now covers over one million acres of Iowa’s rural communities or over three entire counties.

    Other impacts include lowered property values, wildlife kills, drainage problems and problems with aerial applications. The world over people complain of health issues including sleeplessness, chest pressure, tinnitus, headaches and vertigo. Professor Christian-Friedrich Vahl, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery of the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany has shown how infrasound emitted by the turbines can hurt the muscles in the heart.

    The economics of industrial wind also do not make sense and is adding stress to our economies by using tax credits to cover all the capital costs of building wind turbines. Some may think it is worth it in light of Climate Change but all the world’s wind turbines together are avoiding less than 1% of the world’s manmade CO2 if you go by the wind industry’s own numbers. We wonder how much all this excess manufacturing is adding.

    It is also known that the actual wind of the Midwest has been falling every year since 2014 which makes wind less reliable and even more expensive.
    Once our county lawmakers decide they want the tax revenue of a wind installation and enough absentee landowners sign wind contracts there is no way rural residents can protect themselves, protect their properties and protect their businesses from the turbines.

    The wind industry works quietly behind the scenes in communities, telling one side of the story. By the time residents even know that there is a reason to object, the industry has made most of their deals. Land agents harass and lie to residents telling them that all their neighbors have signed, the wind turbines are too far away to bother anyone, they will take their land by eminent domain, they don’t need a lawyer to look at the contract or that they can get out of their contract if they want. There is no penalty for these lies.
    Even the approval process of the Iowa Utilities Board is being skirted entirely by the wind industry. Residents have sued on this point of law. This case was heard at the Iowa Supreme Court on April 2. Industrial wind should have to prove need and that they are actually the lowest cost option. With Alliant’s resent rate increase of 24.9% that is truly debatable. Iowa’s rural residents should be allowed proper informational meetings, an official docket to voice our concerns and an option to have a formal hearing.

    There are also two other lawsuits in Iowa against industrial wind that would have far reaching implications for the wind industry as well as personal suits against the negative impacts.

    If the wind industry would agree to have their wind turbines no closer than ½ mile to the property of a NON-participating landowner unless they negotiate a waiver many of these disputes would not exist.

    Would you even be willing to have a conversation with me? As the wind industry builds we collect supporters. These problems will not go away.


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