Sunday Funday: Top O’ The Mornin’ Edition

A Happy St. Paddy’s Day to the lot of ye. May ye all be half an hour in heaven afore the devil knows you’re dead. Being Irish and a Democrat I am proud to say we have had some great Irish Democratic politicians. Maybe one of the greatest was this recent young man whose ancestry goes back to Moneygall. Here he samples a Guinness during his visit to his ancestral homeland:

We could all use a bit of the luck of the Irish these days.

  1. Speaking of the Irish, Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar met with US VP Mike Pence. What added a bit of tension to this meeting?
  1. Allowing Dear Leader to declare a national emergency at the southern border was defeated by what margin in the senate Thursday?
  1. How did Iowa’s senators vote on this bill?
  1. At the Iditarod dog sled race, the leader lost his lead when his dog team did what Monday?
  1. Sounding like a threat of civil war, what American leader claimed that if Democrats played tough he had “the police, the military and bikers”?
  1. The Democratic National Committee picked what city to host its 2020 convention?
  1. School children around the planet walked out of classes Friday to protest what problem that confronts the globe?
  1. Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old student in Sweden, was nominated for a Nobel Prize last week in what area?
  1. What former congress member jumped into the Democratic primary with a big splash on Thursday?
  1. In a really bad proposal, Iowa’s Senator Ernst unveiled a plan that would allow new parents to take time off and make up their pay by doing what?
  1. Following several crashes and other problems airplanes from what company were grounded around the world.
  1. What country was the last to join in the grounding of these airplanes?
  1. Immediately following his sentencing in another federal court, Paul Manafort was notified about charges being filed by what state?
  1. Brexit crashed and burned in Parliament in votes last week. Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK dealing with this near impossible situation?
  1. Another mass shooting, this time not in the US. Where did a white supremacist inspired massacre take place Friday morning?
  1. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a moratorium on what state function this week?
  1. Another batch of awful Tucker Carlson audios surfaced this week. Most of the audios were of Carlson calling in to what radio show?
  1. Indictments were handed down for elite personalities who were paying huge bribes to ensure their children could do what?
  1. What Democratic presidential contender had their ads calling for the break up of tech giants removed and then replaced by tech giant Facebook?
  1. What Fox anchor was rebuked by the company for claiming that Rep. Ilhan Omar supported Sharia in defiance of the constitution because Omar wore a hijab?

Jill Sobule asks the musical question “Who is a democratic socialist?”


  1. Varakdar is an out homosexual and had his partner with him. Pence as most know is a virulent homophobe
  1. 59 to 41
  1. Both voted with for Trump to declare the emergency
  1. Stopped after the musher yelled at one of the dogs in the team. He lost a 5 hour lead due to this.
  1. Dear Leader himself! 
  1. Milwaukee
  1. Climate change
  1. Peace, for her climate activism. Thunberg was behind Friday’s protest as well as many other climate related activities.
  1. Beto O’Rourke
  1. Drawing on their Social Security very early and thus delaying their retirement. Or work until you die.
  1. Boeing
  1. The US. We are no longer #1 in air safety, folks.
  1. New York
  1. Theresa May
  1. Christchurch, New Zealand
  1. The death penalty
  1. The Bubba The Love Sponge Show.
  1. Be accepted into elite schools
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Jeanine Pirro 

My cat is still a bit groggy from the time change. Losing an hour of sleep makes him pretty hard to get along with for about 8 months or so.

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