Republican Bill Would Override City Ordinances On Fireworks

Remains from just one night. This neighbor started again at 9:30 am. Photo credit: with permission/ FB friend.

Republicans say patriotism is all about fireworks.

Who to contact:  Your STATE representative NOT your member of congress.  You can also contact Senate Commerce committee members.

Senate  Commerce committee members:

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2 Responses to Republican Bill Would Override City Ordinances On Fireworks

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    It’s not only city ordinances that would be overriden, it’s also county ordinances. And given the number of benighted bozos who might think it’s just fine to set off fireworks anywhere in the Iowa countryside, because gosh, hardly anyone lives out there and who cares, rural Iowans also have reason to be concerned.

    I was running an errand in a town last July 4th when all heck broke loose with private fireworks, and was not surprised when officials in that town later got a lot of complaints. I guess some people just don’t appreciate loud smoky scary patriotism.


  2. Rhea Huddleston says:

    Really? We have so many more important issues instead of micro managing local governments on fireworks!!! Just wondering if you haven’t received a kick back or something that would make you think to go after this minor issue? Get back to work on the main issues and drop this ridiculous bill!!!


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