Sunday Funday: America Held Hostage, Week 5

What Republican policies have done to families in this country is horrible from the tearing apart of refugee families on the border to the cutting of government aid to the poor to the total disregard Republicans have shown for government workers and their families. There is no regard for these people, they are merely pawns in a game that the the crazy current leader is playing. 

As we have been told forever that giving in to hostage takers will only empower them to do it again. This administration is holding these families hostage. There should be no bargaining until the hostages are released.

I believe right now the most important thing we can do is to let Republican senators know that this hostage situation is unacceptable in America. We will remember that Republican senators did absolutely nothing as families from the border to our neighborhoods were ripped apart by their policies.

The wall has little to do with the shutdown and the hostage taking. Trump was going to shut the government down over something as a ploy to make it look like the Democrats were at fault. But it is obvious to most Americans that Republicans orchestrated this whole scenario as a show. Their little ploy is hurting millions of Americans.

What else got hosed last week?

  1. What major event took place two years ago today?
  1. A resolution disapproving of white supremacist talk (inspired by remarks made by Steve King) passed the US House with only one dissenting vote. Who dissented?
  1. Two weeks in the minority was plenty for what Pennsylvania congress member who resigned his seat Thursday?
  1. Another summer, another killer heat wave in Australia. Noona set record for highest overnight record at 35.9C which is what Fahrenheit?
  1. Teachers in what major American school district went on strike this week?
  1. Speaker Pelosi postponed the scheduled State of the Union address scheduled for January 29th because of what reason?
  1. The State of the Union was delivered in an address to congress by Washington and John Adams from 1790 to 1801. It was then sent to congress until what president revived delivering the SOTU in person?
  1. Buzzfeed once again broke huge news Thursday when it reported that Dear leader had directed a witness in the Russian case to do what?
  1. Governor Reynolds called on the legislature to add an amendment to the Iowa constitution to allow what group to vote?
  1. New measurements show that ice is melting at what location 6 times faster than they were 4 decades ago, causing an alarm about rising sea levels?
  1. Dear Leader had the college national championship football team in for dinner this week and fed them what?
  1. At a location about midway between Congress and the White House, what celebrity chef is offering free meals to furloughed government workers?
  1. Who in the administration is helping oversee the process for selecting the next head of the World Bank? (The US’s selection is generally chosen as the head of the World Bank)
  1. Laura Loomer is a crazy right wing activist who got 15 minutes of fame last week pulling various stunts, including an attempted break-in, at whose home?
  1. In the British Parliament Tuesday, PM Theresa May’s government suffered the worst defeat ever for a government over what issue?
  1. VP Pence’s wife, “Mother,” took a job at a Christian school that forbids what?
  1. Gymboree and Shopko were among national chains that announced what as vulture capitalism yet more victims?
  1. In an apparent retaliation, Dear Leader stopped a congressional trip to visit troops in Afghanistan headed up by whom?
  1. Who continues to block legislation in the senate that could re-open the government?
  1. A small polling firm claims the Trump campaign tried to pay a $50,000 bill with some cash and a pair of used what?

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  1. Dear Leader’s inauguration
  1. Congress member Bobby Rush of Illinois – he said it didn’t go far enough/
  1. Tom Marino
  1. About 97. That was the overnight low
  1. Los Angeles
  1. Lack of security due to the Trump government shutdown.
  1. Wilson in 1913
  1. Lie 
  1. Felons. 
  1. Antarctica
  1. Fast food burgers
  1. Jose Andres
  1. Ivanka Trump – you may laugh – or cry
  1. Nancy Pelosi’s
  1. Brexit
  1. LGBTQ staff or students
  1. Bankruptcy
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  1. Mitch McConnell
  1. Boxing gloves from some South American fighter of some sort.

Best wishes to the government workers, especially those who are contract workers, who are the pawns in Dear Leader’s big game of bluff. 

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