An Update From J.D. Scholten

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With Steve King providing some current distraction fro m Trump’s hostage taking and Trump’s problems with the law, many of us were wondering what JD Scholten was up to. As you recall Scholten took King to the wire last November. Now there has to be a lot of people in the 4th district who wish they could change their vote.

So look what shows up in the mailbox Friday – an update from JD Scholten:

I know it’s been a while since you have heard from me. Rest assured, I have been busy.

Iowa’s 4th District has been at the center of attention, yet again, thanks to our Representative choosing to embarrass us with his offensive rhetoric that betrays our American ideals. Despite Steve King’s well-known record of racism and divisiveness over his 16 years in Congress, it took all of YOU and YOUR support for my supposedly “long-shot” campaign before Republicans in Iowa and Washington D.C. saw fit to also condemn him. Only now is he suffering the consequences of his actions because we showed the nation he was vulnerable and that many Iowans do NOT share his values.

I can’t thank you enough for your belief in our campaign and know that I am considering all options as I think through how best I can serve Iowa. Please stay tuned for an announcement soon about what’s next.

I am very proud of the attention our campaign generated on how Democrats can regain the hearts of rural voters. Here are some recent press clips in case you missed them:

My Op-Ed in USA Today on why Steve King keeps winning 

An interview with WHO-TV’s Dave Price in which I provide an update on my love life…

An interview with Iowa Informer in which I answer whether I will run again

A great Washington Monthly feature on our campaign showing how Democrats can regain the rural vote

A nice feature and update on Sioux City Sue

Two podcasts I did, one with Joe Gomez on his “American Grit” show and another for the BossCast where I talk Bruce Springsteen and the campaign

Still Standing Tall for All,

J.D. Scholten

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