Thank You, John Culver

In his later years, John Culver established the Culver Center for Public Policy at Simpson College. Here is an interview from 2016 (9 minutes) 

We at  were saddened to hear of the death of former senator John Culver this week. Culver was one of Iowa’s best politicians. He stood for principles and he worked hard for the working men and women of Iowa.

Culver was a member of the US House for ten years during the Vietnam war years. During that period, Culver voted against a bill that outlawed the burning of the flag. This was a courageous vote at that time. Culver was a man of conscience so taking such a courageous stand was certainly in character for him.

He succeeded Harold Hughes in the senate in 1975. He was then defeated in his next election by Chuck Grassley. 

Culver served with a distinction that has rarely been seen in political life. Iowans would be well served to find another John Culver in their political arena once again.

Thank you for your service and your standards, John Culver!

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