Blum Likely Violated Ethics Rules

cardboard rod blum

cardboard Rod Blum

Add another Republican to the pile of ethics violations. Trump, Kushner, Sessions, Ivanka and now Rod Blum. 

KCRG reported Monday that soon-to-be former congress member Rod Blum likely violated ethics rules. The violations are in connection with Blum’s involvement with a software firm known as Tin Moon and Blum’s subsequent failure to fully report his involvement or income with the firm.

From the KCRG story:

The Office of Congressional Ethics launched the review into Republican Rod Blum and his internet marketing business, Tin Moon Corp., following an investigation by The Associated Press earlier this year.

Its nonpartisan board voted in July to adopt an investigative report that concluded Blum “may have violated federal law, state law, House rules, and standards of conduct” and called for further investigation.


The report found that Blum may have misused House resources by allowing the company to use his official congressional photo on its website and a false video testimonial of his chief of staff posing as a satisfied customer. Tin Moon also engaged in other deceptive advertising, including falsely claiming to have 11,000 customers and to have won certain awards and endorsements, the review found. Blum, who owns 70 percent of the company, either allowed the deceptive practices or failed to prevent them.

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Investigators said that Blum, his companies, Graham, his chief of staff John Ferland and other associates largely refused to cooperate with their inquiry. The report stopped short of determining whether violations occurred but said the ethics committee should investigate, including by subpoenaing testimony and records from Blum and his associates. It’s unclear whether that occurred.”

Iowans seem to have lost their once vaunted ability to sniff out a skunk. Kim Reynolds rather flaunted her dealings with donors right in our faces receiving plane rides and such items and no one seemed to care.

Don’t forget that we paid the bill for the senate Republican caucus to sexually harass their employees.

Seems that the preponderance of ethics and other violations happen on the Republican side, yet Iowans keep electing them. I saw some poll. That gave Donald Trump a 60-40 edge in Iowa at the current time. Trump is immorality incarnate. Yet it doesn’t seem bother many Iowans at all. In some parts of this state the letter behind the name is all that some voters care about over ability, honesty, knowledge and many other personal qualities.

Well at least Rod Blum is gone. The article from KCRG says that the committee will probably not follow up on the charges. It doesn’t say if anyone in the law enforcement field will. If they don’t it will be yet another public servant who will flaunt the laws and get away with it.

That will send a message to the next Blum, the next Trump, the next Reynolds that laws are not meant for certain people. Sometime we need to send some messages to those who betray the public trust and park some fannies inside of prisons.

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