Why Iowans Need To Follow What Happens In Wisconsin

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protests in state capitols don’t stop Republican power grabs

This will be a very short post. Just want to make certain that Iowans understand that we must keep an eye on what is happening in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and even Kansas. 

The time when our state legislatures were somewhat isolated from each other and focused on business that pertained mostly to our state. Since the so-called “Reagan Revolution” and especially since Bush II, Republicans have had a strategy of changing the country by changing state laws. They are driven by a kind of messianic devotion to the rightness of their cause, so it is win by any means necessary.

What it means for Iowa is that what is going on in other states where Republicans have control of all branches of government will be happening here soon enough. So when you see Wisconsin stripping the powers of an incoming governor of the opposite party, expect something similar in Iowa. 

Kansas once had a crazy governor who bled the state dry with tax cuts for the rich. The state became a disaster. Iowa Republicans thought that was the thing to do, so we are now doing the same. 

No doubt we can expect our legislature to follow in the paths of those states who have “updated” their state workers’ pensions, even though Iowa has one of the soundest systems in the country.

With Republicans governing these days al the norms of governance go out the window. Changing laws in lame duck sessions that hinder the incoming government basically negates democracy. This is the stuff that single party rule is made of.

Ari Melber discusses Wisconsin on twitter:

Ari Melber

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Wisconsin Republicans are undercutting a core premise of our democracy — that the people leaving office have an obligation to transfer their powers peacefully and professionally. This is not normal.

My new @washingtonpost piece:

Perspective | What it means for democracy if losers of elections don’t relinquish power

Wisconsin Republicans are damaging the rule of law, even if their actions may be technically ‘legal.’


7:49 AM – 6 Dec 2018

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  1. Anne Duncan says:

    We need to follow what’s going on in other states, period. I seem to recall that the stunts being pulled in Wisconsin and Michigan now made their debut in North Carolina a few years ago. It’s safe to assume that any Republican dirty trick that works in one state will be spread to as many other states as possible, as quickly as possible. And if we think Iowa’s former polite civic traditions will protect us any longer, we are dreaming. I’ve followed Iowa state politics for four decades and never thought we’d end up where we are now. And thanks to the Iowa voters who kept Republicans in power and thereby emboldened them, the next legislative session could be a horror show.


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