Post Election The Mind Wanders

Mueller Hope

  • If Matt Whitaker had any ability as a lawyer he would understand that he is about the least qualified person in the US to be Attorney General. Of course the man who promoted him is only interested in fealty and how good someone looks on Fox News.
  • Quite the “Republican” move by Kim Reynolds last Tuesday as reported by the Des Moines Register Wednesday. Just like a certain president, Reynolds extracted what she wanted from racist congressman Steve King and now that she got what she wanted she decided to throw King out like last week’s garbage. I am not defending King just pointing out that chucking King should have been done long before the election. Citizens will not be fooled by your sudden conversion, Ms. Reynolds.
  • Speaking of Reynolds, can’t wait to see what kind of budget messes she and her Republican cohorts will stumble into. They don’t care, as long as they can be pure on not raising taxes.
  • Iowans voted to keep going heading down the fiscal drain just like two other Midwestern states that have frequently been cited as outstanding examples of how not to govern, Wisconsin and Kansas. Both took eight years to finally dump their Republican governors. Iowa has had eight years and all sorts of leadership screw ups, but we haven’t learned yet. 
  • Also in the Midwestern neighborhood we note that Minnesota turned a little more Democratic than they were, including controlling one house of the legislature. Minnesota is often compared to its neighbor Wisconsin since they are very similar in size and population. Minnesota has had Democratic leadership under Mark Dayton while Wisconsin has had Republican Scott Walker. Comparisons have not been kind to Wisconsin over the past eight years.
  • New Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said that there would be some gas tax raises to fix the state’s highways. We visit there frequently and find their roads to be in far better shape than Iowa’s. That shows what the differences in philosophy of the parties is. Republicans will claim low taxes in Iowa, but we will make it up in shock and tire repair.
  • “All pretense of Trump being concerned about anything but saving his own ass went out the window when he fired Jeff Sessions Wednesday” said columnist Bob Cesca on the Stephanie Miller Show last week. Republicans better pay attention. Your leader cares nothing about except how you can save him. That is it. 
  • Twitter should be tasked with creating a way to shout above all-CAPS for Dear Leader. Dear Leader is expected to be ranting to high heaven in the next few weeks and needs to be heard above EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD!!!!
  • One reason why Republicans assume they will win all the close elections is because of the voter suppression laws they have passed across the country. They practically pick the voters, shape districts so they are almost guaranteed to have a majority and use equipment that is easily hackable while using untraceable voting. So when a Republican expresses surprise they lost, they are in essence say “How can we lose when we set everything up so we couldn’t lose.”
  • Heard from Stephanie Miller on her Show: (paraphrased) “My Dad (former US representative, Nuremberg Prosecutor and VP candidate (1964) William Miller) unlike others of his time did not say communism was the great threat to the world, Naziism was. “ And apparently it still is.

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