NARAL:  Stop New Rules On Birth Control


“The Trump administration introduced new rules this month (November 14th) — similar to rules already blocked by federal courts — that would allow non-profits, private businesses, and universities to refuse to cover birth control in their insurance policies based on “moral or religious” objections. This new attack is a blatant attempt to allow our employers to control our choices, our bodies, and our lives. “

The above is from the NARAL petition site. It goes along with this email NARAL sent Wednesday. As I understand it the new rules go into effect 60 days from when they were issued:

Anti-choice extremists have never really cared about “life.”

What they do care about is controlling our choices, our bodies, and our lives. The Trump administration’s most recent attacks prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The new rules, similar to rules already blocked by federal courts, would allow non-profits, private businesses, and universities to refuse to cover birth control in their insurance policies based on “moral or religious” objections.1 This is a dangerous attack on our health and our rights, and we will not stand for it.

TAKE ACTION: Demand Congress take action to protect the Affordable Care Act’s no-copay birth control benefit and keep government interference out of personal medical decisions.

Your employer has NO place in your decision to use birth control, and the idea that a boss would be able to deny coverage for any other medication is unconscionable. Yet women are forced to endure these threats to our health, well-being, and autonomy over and over again, for daring to exert control over our bodies and destinies.

And if anti-choice groups were truly interested in reducing unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion, they’d be as outraged as we are about this! But because their real goal is to control our bodies, they are praising the Trump administration’s rules.2

Add your name now to demand the government stay out of our decision to use birth control.

Attacks against our reproductive freedom may start small, but their plan is to chip away at our rights little by little, until they completely eliminate protections for contraception, abortion, and more.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has fought against this administration’s attacks on birth control, mobilizing activists across the country to rise up and act. We must stay vigilant and fight any effort to undermine our autonomy — and that of our colleagues, family members, and neighbors — to protect our fundamental rights and those of future generations.

Thank you for being with us in this fight.

Stephanie Yost 

Senior Legislative Counsel, NARAL Pro-Choice America

In some areas women are already trying to take care of themselves or forming small groups to fight the administration’s proposed new rules. They know, as we all do, that Women’s reproductive rights are one of the top targets for the religious right in this country. From the unlikely source Marketwatch comes this story of some things that women are doing to try to hold off the monsters:

When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, many women and reproductive rights activists were worried about what his presidency would mean for family planning services like abortion and birth control.

Some started took matters into their own hands.

Melanie Roven, a 29-year-old brand director in New York City, began stockpiling Plan B, an over-the-counter emergency birth control, early in Trump’s campaign for president, she told MarketWatch.

“It was kind of a joke at first, but as he started forming policy ideas I realized I should actually do this,” she said.

Plan B has a shelf life of up to four years and retails for around $50. Roven now has five boxes sitting in her bathroom. (Another emergency birth control, Take Action, retails for $35.)”

More at the link. 

With the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS we can expect a 5-4 fairly hardline against women’s rights. We are now already in the 2020 presidential election cycle. Trump got his ass handed to him in the midterms. We all know he will use anything he can to win again, so using the government machinery to stop choice legally or not to keep the evangelicals voting for him is right in Trump’s plan.

Please sign the petition. 

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