What We Voted For

We voted early. We voted for the following:

We voted for sensible gun laws, and against the current armed to the teeth environment.

We voted for equal treatment for all Americans no matter the sex, color, religion (or lack of religion) or sexual preference of the citizen.

We voted for sensible immigration laws.

We voted for conservationists that will be focused on keeping our air and water clean so that we and other animals and plants may survive on this planet.

We voted for politicians that take responsibility for their actions, not for ones that refuse to be held accountable when things go wrong.

We voted for candidates who believe in reality and not for those who espouse an “alternative truth.”

We voted for candidates who believe in science that can be repeated and can be used to reliably predict what actions will bring what results.

We voted for those who believe that human caused global warming is a fast coming crisis and are willing to do something about it.

We voted for candidates who believe in fair taxation based on income levels.

We voted for those who understand that the huge income inequality in this country will be cause for civil unrest.

We voted for those who believe that quality public education is one of the best investments a society can make.

We voted for those who believe that access to health care must be a bedrock principal of our society. 

We voted for candidates who believe that it is the hopes and ambitions of all citizens that has driven this country, not for candidates that espouse hate and fear.

We voted for candidates that believe that jobs should pay a living wage.

We voted for candidates who put the good of all ahead of the wishes of a few huge donors.

We voted for restoring a democracy and against the plutocracy that has taken over this country.

We voted for country that honors its treaties, works with its allies and stands up countries that wish to do us harm.

We voted for those who believe diplomacy is the best way to deal internationally instead of threats to our friends and kowtowing to our enemies.

We voted for those who believe that women should be in charge of their own bodies.

To sum all this up in a few short words, we voted for Democratic candidates across the board. The past two years, no matter what the issue, have awakened in us a new respect for those who build through hope and ambition with respect for all humanity and all life on earth rather than those who lead with the dark forces of hate and fear.

Fear and hatred take us backward. Hope and ambition take us forward. We have major problems that can’t be ignored any longer. The most critical of these is the rapidly changing climate. Those who lead though hate and fear are in no way equipped to deal with the reality that will be coming.

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