Sunday Funday: The Season Of Ghosties And Ghoulies Edition

Sometimes you just have to step away and recharge for the final run. Thank goodness Halloween comes this time of year. This is a time when life moves indoors and our imaginations are allowed to expand as night grow longer, colder and darker. Halloween begins what an old friend used to call the “season of spirits.” The “season of sprits” culminates in early January as we see the days begin to grow longer. Not warmer, but longer.


The beauty of the fall colors gives way to the slumber and darkness of autumn and winter. For one night we see kids of all ages dressed in fun costumes around the neighborhoods of Iowa and the country. One of the more recent additions to the lore of Halloween is folks who light their house up and bring them life with song. Just on the off chance you have never seen one of these videos, here we go:

Well. Just in time for Halloween things go nuts.

  1. What group of people is the administration trying to define out of existence?
  1. The end of the week was dominated by news of pipe bombs mailed throughout the country. Who was the target of the first reported pipe bomb?
  1. Nov. 11th will be the 100th anniversary of the armistice to end WWI. Who does our Dear Leader plan to meet with on that day?
  1. In a gubernatorial debate in Florida candidate Andrew Gillum said of what opponent “racists believe you are racist”?
  1. The Department of Homeland Security is moving army troops to the US border with what country?
  1. Claiming it was OK for kids to dress in “blackface” cost what TV host her network job and show last week?
  1. In a similar vein a lobbyist for what soup company lost his cushy job for tweeting conspiracy theories about George Soros?
  1. Despite little chance of ever passing, Dear Leader unveiled a very narrow plan for lowering the price of some what?
  1. In a case that may come up in the Russian election meddling case, SCOTUS blocked a deposition from what cabinet member in the Census Citizenship Question case?
  1. Chuck Grassley made some strange moves this week. In one he said Iowans should vote for Reynolds because what might happen to him (Grassley)?
  1. In another move Grassley referred lawyer Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick to the DOJ for investigation for doing what?
  1. The son of what late Washington Post reporter was forced to have his picture taken shaking the hand of Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman?
  1. What former Supreme Court Justice announced that they had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease?
  1. In a move that may bring back the threat of nuclear war, Dear Leader announced his intention to withdraw from a nuclear treaty with what country?
  1. The longest sea bridge in the world (55km long) opened last week between China and what island city?
  1. Cat 5 typhoon Yutu became one of the strongest storm to ever hit US land when it hit what island Wednesday?
  1. Migrants originating in what country fleeing violence are crossing what country while enduring extreme heat?
  1. One ticket in what state had the winning numbers for the largest lottery jackpot ever in US history?
  1. The Museum of the Bible (Washington DC) removed what artifacts when they were discovered to be fakes?
  1. In the Florida gubernatorial debate which candidate declared Dear Leader to be a positive role model for children?

Xtra credit) Which candidate for Georgia governor has had over 340,000 voters purged from the voter roles for no valid reasons?


@JohnFugelsang on Twitter

“Perhaps if we all just started referring to Climate Change as ‘desperate Honduran refugees on foot at the Mexico/Guatemala border’ the president might take the threat seriously.”


  1. Transgender people
  1. George Soros
  1. Vladimir Putin – remember,  Dear Leader’s parade was cancelled
  1. Ron DeSantis
  1. Mexico to meet the refugees with devastating force
  1. Megan Kelly
  1. Campbell’s Soup
  1. Drugs
  1. Wilbur Ross
  1. With his age he may leave the senate and need to have the governor name a replacement (what better reason to vote for Hubbell?)
  1. Making materially false statements. This despite evidence that Bret Kavanaugh did the same.
  1. Jamal Khassoggi whose death was supposedly ordered by the prince
  1. Sandra Day O’Conner
  1. Russia
  1. Hong Kong
  1. Saipan in the Northern Mariannas
  1. Honduras
  1. South Carolina
  1. Artists of the Dead Sea Scrolls were shown to be fake
  1. Ron DeSantis

Xtra credit) Brian Kemp – Georgia’s current secretary of state

Andy Borowitz

“White House Staff Nervously Checking If Trump Retweeted Anything by Bombing Suspect”


Oh and a happy SAMHAIN!

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