Sunday Funday: Lie-A-Minute Sanders Coming To Iowa

Talk about liars – Ladies and Gentlemen, Chuck Grassley.

Next Saturday our governor will play host to one of the greatest liars this country has ever seen when Sara Sanders comes to Iowa. Since Reynolds can’t tell the truth from a lie, she will be oblivious to Sanders’ true talent. Expect torrents of lies to spew forth as Sanders compares her boss, Dear Leader the First to historical figures such as Washington, Lincoln, Christ and even the big dude his own self, God. 

Sanders is a ‘Truth isn’t the Truth’ and ‘alternative truths’ kind of person. Sanders inherited her ability to be out of touch with reality from her father Mike Huckabee, a well known alternate reality dude.

Lordy, Lordy maybe I’ll just drink a little of that Kool-aid and get happy.

  1. States Rights! What state’s governor signed a bill enacting strict net neutrality for that state?
  1. More than 2400 what signed a letter stating Kavanaugh is not qualified to sit on SCOTUS?
  1. In a speech in Rochester, Mn., Dear Leader claimed Democrats wanted to do away with what aspect of the ACA?
  1. What Iowa congress member stated “‘you don’t know if you’re a harasser until you’ve been accused?”
  1. A year after it’s death dive into what planet, the Casino explorer’s final data was finally being revealed this week?
  1. The Republican congress allowed what bill critical to Iowa to lapse before its re-authorization deadline?
  1. A new law in California requires publicly traded companies to have what on their Board of Directors?
  1. Dear Leader was earning how much a year at age 3 through his father’s companies according to a story in the NYT?
  1. On October 7th 2001, what war began?
  1. Under the cover of the night over the weekend what group of people were moved from their homes to a tent city in West Texas?
  1. Ricin was found in a package sent to the Pentagon this week. Ricin is a poison that comes from what plant?
  1. What game show host gave a cringe-worthy performance as the moderator of a Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate Monday?
  1. What retired SCOTUS justice said that Brett Kavanaugh should not be placed on the Court this week?
  1. Dear Leader openly mocked what victim of attempted rape during a campaign speech in Mississippi Tuesday?
  1. What multi-millionaire Iowa politician applied for payments from the farm bailout money necessitated by Dear Leader’s tariff policies?
  1. In a most unusual weather event two category 5 storms were raging at the same time last week in what area of the world?
  1. More than 1400 people have been declared dead after a tsunami hit what country last Saturday night?
  1. 2:18 PM EDT Wednesday many Americans were shocked by what?
  1. Saturday October 11th, 1975 saw the premiere of what TV staple that still exists today and is known for its political humor?
  1. What famous entertainer and cousin to the Senate Minority Leader was arrested protesting the Kavanaugh nomination Thursday?


  1. California
  1. Law professors
  1. The pre-existing conditions guarantees. Another lie from Dear Leader
  1. Steve King
  1. Saturn
  1. The farm bill
  1. At least one woman
  1. $200,000. 
  1. The War in Afghanistan
  1. Migrant children
  1. Castor bean
  1. Alex Trebek. He was booed by the audience
  1. John Paul Stevens
  1. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
  1. Chuck Grassley
  1. The Pacific Ocean – first time for two Cat 5s in the same ocean
  1. Indonesia
  1. Dear Leader’s national warning – it hit radio, TV and cell phones
  1. Saturday Night Live
  2. Amy Shumer

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends tomorrow. We may be seeing you soon.

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