Corey Booker! Thanks For That Act Of Courage!

“Then Bring It” 

We had the TV on in the background while we went about our business Thursday morning. We had the Stephanie Miller Show on Free Speech TV playing. Steph’s producer broke in with a short bulletin – Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey announced during the Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS the he (Booker) would release documents marked “Committee Confidential” to the press.

So I quick flipped to cable news in time to see Senator Durbin backing up Booker. I found out later that Senator Cornyn of Texas had already threatened to bring proceedings to remove Booker from the senate for what Cornyn deemed a major transgression. 

After some back and forth Senator Booker once again was allowed to speak to defend his position. He was granted this ‘privilege’ by the chair of the committee, Iowa’s own Senator Grassley, in a very condescending manner. 

As Booker stated his position that he felt that it was much more important that the information contained in the documents he released be made public than it was that he observe some nebulous rule of the senate. Cornyn tried to interrupt and was finally given the floor. Once again he read the rule and said Booker had violated it.

Booker looked across the room at Cornyn and said. “THEN BRING IT!” Booker stared down the bully and dared him to to start the proceedings to strip him of office. Cornyn may yet do it, but Booker is willing to stand up to bully senators and stupid rules to inform the American people of the character of Brett Kavanaugh.

As noted before, Durbin had backed up Booker on releasing the documents. In a short space of time so did all the Democrats on the committee including Amy Klobuchar, Maize Hirono, Richard Bloomethal, Chris Coons, Kamala Harris, Pat Leahy and others I no doubt forgot.

We will see if Cornyn will follow through. My guess is that he won’t. Standing up for the kind of chicanery that Grassley and his cronies have been pulling in their effort to ram a really unfit candidate onto a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court should be criminal.

Besides hiding a major portion of Kavanaugh’s public record under the guise of confidentiality or some other ruse, what Grassley did release was released at a time that was so late and so huge (42,000 pages on Labor Day evening just a few hours before the hearings were to start) that it would be impossible for anyone to do anything with it. 

Grassley was once again playing a bullying game with the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice just as he had done with Merrick Garland. Obviously Grassley doesn’t give two hoots about what is right for the country. Grassley apparently sees his job as doing whatever Trump wants no matter how bad it is. Grassley’s job at the moment is to get Brett Kavanaugh installed in a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land.

Just as he did in an appearance in Muscatine two and a half years ago while he was blocking Garland’s nomination, Grassley has figuratively raised his middle finger to America and told us all I don’t care what you want!

As for Booker – well I almost didn’t think I would live long enough to see a person jeopardize their career to do the right thing. Corey Booker did that Thursday to a very public audience. He defied the bullies who control the power in the senate risking his position. This is leadership! Thank you, Senator Booker!

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