Sunday Funday: Trump Loses Pecker Edition

how the National Enquirer covered Hillary Clinton

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Following a tumultuous week of events it looks like the current president has even lost the support of his Pecker – that is David Pecker of the infamous National Enquirer. This is a really bad time for Dear Leader to lose his Pecker as these are the times when Dear Leader needs someone out front fighting for him.

I would love to take credit for that headline, but many creative folks had already had this thought and I merely stole it. 

I would also love to take credit for this awesome picture showing how the National Enquirer and the Globe covered Hillary Clinton during the election but the credit belongs to  

While we are at it let’s throw in this tweet from Ken Olin on Tuesday: 

Last thing for today. 

No matter how many of these lowlifes go to prison, including Trump himself, it will never make up for the injustice that was done to @HillaryClinton. The truth, which is truth: she should be the President of the United States today.

  1. WTF? What giant corporation is attempting to trademark millennial friendly three letter acronyms like LOL?
  1. What legal practice that shares it’s name with an acrobatic maneuver did Dear Leader say should be outlawed in an interview this week?
  1. Tuesday was quite a day – Manafort found guilty, Cohen squeals and what congress member was charged with multiple counts concerning misuse of campaign funds?
  1. By the end of the week the aforementioned congress member claimed he was innocent and the guilty party was who?
  1. The thugs who beat DeAndre Harris nearly to death were sentenced Thursday. What was this beating in connection with?
  1. Mitch McConnell this week killed a bill that would beef up security during what?
  1. What defining phrase from this administration to add to “alternative facts” was uttered by Rudy Giuliani on “Meet The Press” last Sunday?
  1. Dear Leader claimed that what would crash if he were impeached in an interview with Fox and Friends?
  1. Dear Leader drew a sharp rebuke from what country after he falsely claimed that there was “large scale killing of farmers” going on in that country?
  1. August 26th, 1920. What amendment to the constitution went into effect that greatly increased the size of the electorate?
  1. Michelle Wolf of White House Correspondents Dinner fame had her talk show cancelled by what network last week?
  1. For the first time in recorded history the oldest and thickest sea ice began to break up in what ocean?
  1. August 24th, 1814 British troops burned what American building, an act that Dear Leader recently blamed on Canadians?
  1. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan died last Saturday. What country was he from?
  1. What college campus saw a protest that took down the statue of a Confederate soldier known as “Silent Sam”?
  1. What long time associate of Dear Leader was given immunity by investigators in the Cohen investigation Friday?
  1. Nabisco finally yielded to pressure from PETA and redesigned the boxes of what line of cookies?
  1. August 28th, 1963 – some 55 years ago – what famous speech was delivered to huge crowd in a sweltering Washington, DC?
  1. America’s largest supermarket chain, Kroger’s, announced it would phase out the use of what by 2025?
  1. Secretary of What? Betsy Devos is said to be considering letting school districts use federal funds to purchase what?

John Fugelsang on Twitter:

“The media keeps wondering whether DT’s diehard fans would finally bail if they heard a tape of him saying the N-word. In reality, for that to happen there would have to be a tape of him saying “black lives matter.”


  1. P&G 
  1. Flipping
  1. Duncan Hunter, Jr.
  1. His wife. Thanksgiving should be fun in that house this year.
  1. The Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally last year
  1. This year’s elections
  1. “Truth isn’t truth”
  1. The markets
  1. South Africa
  1. 19th
  1. Netflix
  1. Arctic Ocean
  1. The White House
  1. Ghana
  1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  1. Allen Weisselberg, Dear Leader’s accountant. There is no “accountant-client privilege”
  1. Their animal crackers
  1. MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech
  1. Single use plastic bags – 2025 seems a long way off
  1. Guns for educators

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)— “Michael D. Cohen decided on Tuesday to plead guilty to a host of financial crimes shortly after Rudolph Giuliani offered to be his lawyer on a pro-bono basis, Giuliani confirmed.”


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