New Ads For Candidates Axne And Finkenauer

Cindy Axne first:

Donation page for Cindy Axne is here.

Abby Finkenauer:

Donation page For Abby Finkenauer is here.

Both of these races look to be tight but winnable. 

In the first district Progress Iowa’s Matt Sinovic notes that Republican candidate Rod Blum misleads Iowans in his new campaign ad:


CONTACT: Matt Sinovic, 

Rep. Blum Misleads Iowans in New Campaign Ad

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — This week, Representative Rod Blum is spending $90,000 to publish a new and misleading ad in front of Iowan voters. He claims that the Republican tax law offered a middle-class tax cut and that Rod Blum grew his business without rigging the system. In reality, the tax law increased profits for the extremely wealthy and Blum himself built his business at the cost of hardworking Iowan families: Blum profited by refusing to pay his employees overtime, avoiding Iowa state taxes, and laying off workers—all to increase his profit at Iowans’ expense. 

In response, Executive Director of Progress Iowa Matt Sinovic released the following statement: 

“After voting for a tax bill that attacked working families while increasing profits for wealthy corporations, Representative Rod Blum has the audacity to run an ad that blatantly rewrites his own business record. Blum ripped off the middle class with his vote, in order to benefit wealthy Republican donors. So let me be clear: Blum has made a living profiting off of the middle class and rigging the system for his own financial gain.

“Blum’s ad misleads voters, but Iowans will not be fooled. We deserve lawmakers who choose to defend working families— not politicians like Rod Blum who only try to profit off of us.” 

Hardly unexpected from a candidate who refuses to meet with constituents. In fact a rather humorous facebook page was created to make fun of the elusive congressman. The page is called “Cardboard Rod Blum” and the cardboard congressman goes where the real congressman fears to tread.  

In both cases these races have been rated tossup with nearly 90 days until the election. This is unusual in Iowa where we tend to reelect Republicans without ever checking their records.

Both Young and Blum are Trump supporters of the first ilk so their fortunes may rise and fall with that of Dear Leader. Lately that has been a pretty straight downward spiral. Both districts have also been highly affected by the ill-conceived tariff policies that the administration imposed that backfired with China. Farmers in both districts may be paying a heavy price for such policies.

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