Sunday Funday: Living On McDonald’s Salary Edition

Found this little slice of American life on Twitter this week. You can see for yourself just how simple it is to live on next to nothing. Perhaps congress members and state legislators, governors and presidents should try it.

living on McD's salary

Heating $0? Rent $600? Health Insurance $20? Second income almost equal to the first?

Once again Oy Vey. Let’s have some fun:

  1. What ultra right wing flamethrower was banned from facebook, youtube, iTunes and Spotify this week?
  1. In a Q&A session Wednesday Joni Ernst denied receiving help from what group despite a well documented $3 million expenditures by the group to aid her?
  1. Tune up the twitter machine. Kneeling was seen during the playing of the national anthem where Thursday?
  1. The company that congress member Chris Collins has been accused of insider with failed in tests for a drug to cure what disease?
  1. What suddenly high profile lawyer came to visit Iowa this week in a preliminary step toward a possible presidential run?
  1. The high profile head football coach has been placed on administrative leave in a domestic violence case involving one of his coaches?
  1. What Iowa congress member called for work requirements for welfare in the farm bill last week?
  1. Former football player Randy Moss was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame last Sunday. Why was the tie he wore for the event so notable?
  1. Who was seen boarding Air Force 1 in New Jersey to join Dear Leader on his trip to Ohio a week ago Saturday?
  1. What could possibly be wrong with that?
  1. Mike Pence was out talking up what new branch of the military this week?
  1. What relatives of Dear Leader became US citizens this week?
  1. Commerce Secretary has been accused in lawsuits of embezzling how much from business partners?
  1. What huge bank blamed a “computer glitch” for as many as 625 of their customers losing their home?
  1. With over 8,000 provisional and absentee ballots left to count in the Ohio 12 congressional race, how much of a lead does the Republican have?
  1. In Kansas it is a near dead heat in the republican primary for governor between what two candidates?
  1. On this date in 1908 the first of what car rolled off the assembly line?
  1. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says what country will stop providing single use plastic bags over the next year?
  1. After calling for the release of jailed civil rights activists what country had its ambassador expelled from Saudi Arabia?
  1. A memorial sign for what slain civil rights figure was vandalized with bullets after it was up for only a month?

Your weekly John Fugelsang:

“Jesus said help the poor, he forgave criminals, always stood up for the marginalized, chased capitalists from the Temple & was obviously funded by George Soros.”


  1. Alex Jones – that must be some kind of trifecta or something
  1. The NRA
  1. At an NFL preseason game. Donny gonna be mad
  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  1. Michael Avenatti
  1. Urban Meyers of Ohio State
  1. Rod Blum – we’d like to see congress do some work also, rod
  1. It had the name of 12 black victims of police brutality written on it.
  1. Hope Hicks
  1. She may be a witness in an future obstruction of justice trial concerning Dear Leader. In short this could be seen as witness tampering.
  1. The Space Force!
  1. Melania’s parents. This must be an example of that chain migration we’ve heard about.
  1. $120 million 
  1. Wells Fargo 
  1. About 1500 votes
  1. Governor Colyer and SOS Kris Kolbach
  1. The Model T
  1. New Zealand
  1. Canada
  1. Emmitt Till

Andy Borowitz:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a development that could dramatically change the composition of the federal penitentiary system, Republicans are projected to pick up as many as seventy seats in prison, a leading incarceration expert said on Thursday.

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