Sunday Funday: Cult Edition

From Michael Tomasky via dailykos’ Abbreviated Pundit  

On a final note, don’t miss Michael Tomasky’s latest on the blind loyalty the GOP has to Trump, even in the face of unprecedented corruption and incompetence:

Remember the “cult of Obama”? Of course you do. They carried on about it nonstop. […]

I see Paul Ryan finally said he’s not comfortable with babies being taken from their mothers. Well hoop de do. He and Corker and Jeff Flake, who are all so brave they’re headed back home (or to K Street to make millions of dollars from whatever remains of the Trump presidency), aren’t going to matter soon anyway. They have been, and have let themselves be, steamrolled.

If only we weren’t subjects in this experiment, it would be fascinating to behold in a perverse sociological way. No American political party has ever descended into authoritarianism. The Republican Party now undeniably is somewhere along that road.

How low can it go? If they stop at cult , we’ll be lucky.

And another strange week in Dear Leader Land.

  1. “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same…” said who about who this week?
  1. Noble public servants Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made how much in income from sources outside of their government jobs?
  1. Early arguments were heard in the case of the current president profiting from his position in violation of what clause of the constitution?
  1. Iowa’s governor seemed a bit confused this week as she first called for a vote on what issue before realizing that the issue had been settled?
  1. AG Jeff Sessions used what source to validate administration policy of taking children from families at the border?
  1. July 1st has significance for both our neighbors north and south of us. What happens in Mexico on July 1st?
  1. Beside being Canada Day in Canada what else could happen on July 1st involving Canada?
  1. Reaching waaaay back, Iowa Governor Reynolds criticized her opponent Fred Hubbell for his company closing stores in what year?
  1. A “charitable” foundation run by what noted politician was sued by the New York AG as a scam?
  1. Uh-oh! Once supported by Iowa’s senators, EPA head Scott Pruitt is now on their bad side because of what issue?
  1. What appeared to be a North Korean propaganda film that was played on a loop at the Singapore meeting was actually made on an order from who?
  1. Republicans nominated Dennis Hof for a state legislature seat in Nevada. Hof is well known because of what business and also what TV show?
  1. What former confidant of Dear Leader involved deeply in the Russian investigation had his legal team quit him this week?
  1. What major American leader saluted a North Korean general last week at the Singapore meeting?
  1. Volkswagen was fined how much by Germany in their diesel emissions scandal?
  1. Dear Leader is looking to have tent cities erected in the Texas heat to house what criminals?
  1. What state will have a referendum question on their ballot this fall to split that state into 3 parts?
  1. A “die-in” was held in Washington, DC on the second anniversary of what mass shooting? 
  1. A raccoon caught the nation’s attention when she scaled a 25 story building in what major Midwest city?
  1. Republicans nominated Corey Stewart to run for the senate in Virginia. Stewart is an avowed what?

(4:29) Reporter Brian Karen pushes Sanders on children at the border:


  1. Our Dear Leader about Kim Jung Un 
  1. $82 million
  1. Emoluments
  1. Same sex marriage
  1. the bible. Specifically a verse from Paul’s letter to the Romans. What ever happened to separation of church and state
  1. National election – Andrés Manuel López Obrador
  1. Tariffs will be imposed on American goods if Dear Leader doesn’t call off his tariffs
  1. 1990
  1. Dear Leader – much of the charity was self serving.
  1. RFS or renewable fuel standards. All the other scandals meant little until Pruitt didn’t re-up the RFS
  1. The White House
  1. He owns 6 brothels in Nevada and was famous for the HBO series – Cathouse – on his brothels
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Dear Leader
  1. 1.2 billion euros
  1. The children taken from the refugees
  1. California
  1. The mass shooting at the Orlando Pulse
  1. St. Paul, MN
  1. White supremacist

John Fugelsang:

Funny, he (Jeff Sessions) wasn’t citing Romans to obey govt when the black guy was POTUS. 

Also, Paul isn’t Jesus.

Also, the people Paul wrote this to were the ones who eventually beheaded him.

Also, if you believe that Joseph & Mary fled & hid out in Egypt then Jesus was an undocumented child.

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