Sunday Funday: Remembering The Fallen

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This is the weekend to remember those who sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe. We thank them all.

Unfortunately this should now also become a time to remember those who have been uselessly murdered at what should be a safe place – our country’s schools. Why do we let this continue when steps could be easily taken that would make it much harder for this to happen? There is a portion of the political class that is working not for the citizens, but for the special gun interests. It is time to stop it now.

And on to the show. What atrocities did our Dear Leader commit this week?

  1. What country had a referendum on legalizing abortion last week?
  1. Dear Leader wrote what sounded like a high school love letter to what other international head of state?
  1. Iowa Democrats were shocked with the story of sexual abuse charges against what gubernatorial candidate?
  1. American high school students are organizing a national “die-in” scheduled for what day?
  1. What former political Poobah inked a multi-year deal with Netflix last week to produce diverse material?
  1. What are the average highs for Iowa this time of year?
  1. What industrial leader has joined in on the attacks on media and is considering starting a media criticism website called Pravda?
  1. What was the original name of Memorial Day?
  1. What governor of a northwestern state will be the main speaker at Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame event June 23rd?
  1. Dear Leader’s latest protectionist plan is aimed at putting tariffs on what major machine that nearly every family owns?
  1. Steve Bannon told the BBC last week that who would be proud of Dear Leader’s economic policy?
  1. According to CBS reporter Leslie Stahl why does Dear Leader continually attack the press?
  1. Once again a Republican administration has outed an informant. Under Bush II what undercover CIA agent was outed by her own government as political retribution against her husband?
  1. Evgeny Friedman struck a plea deal with state and federal prosecutors in the case of what former business partner of his?
  1. What writer who died last week’s most famous book was probably “Portnoy’s Complaint?”
  1. The Democratic primary in Georgia nominated what black woman as the Democrats candidate for governor?
  1. In Oregon, a 15 year old who started an eventual massive forest fire was ordered to pay what amount in restitution for the fire?
  1. The campaign money from what disgraced Iowa Republican senator was given to the state Republican Party instead of being used to pay some of the bill for a senate Republican sex scandal that he was in large part responsible for and that we are paying as taxpayers?
  1. The EPA barred who from attending a summit on hazardous chemicals linked to cancer, but later allowed them to attend a portion of the summit?
  1. It was as if the devil himself was coming to take one of his best home. A sinkhole opened up on what property Tuesday prompting some interesting speculation?

Andy Borowitz:

With North Korea, Trump has demonstrated the shrewd deal-making skills that led him to file for bankruptcy six times.


  1. Ireland
  1. Kim Jung Un – our Dear Leader desperately misses Kim
  1. Nate Boulton
  1. June 12 (maybe this will be covered since there will be no summit in Singapore)
  1. Barack Obama along with Michelle
  1. 75 to 80
  1. Elon Musk of Tesla
  1. Decoration Day
  1. Jay Inslee of Washington
  1. Imported cars – that’ll hurt
  1. Dr. Martin Luther King. King’s family disagreed.
  1. “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”
  1. Valery Plame
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Phillip Roth
  1. Stacey Abrams
  1. $36 million
  1. Bill Dix.
  1. The press with the exception of some selected individual outlets
  1. The White House

Have a safe and respectful Memorial Day.

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