Step One In Retiring Reynolds Is In Process


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In case you hadn’t heard early voting is going on prior to the June 5th primary. This is step one in repealing and replacing the Reynolds regime that continued and even accelerated the Branstad policy of turning Iowa into Mississippi part 2. Most Iowans know that Iowa cannot sustain another four years of marching backwards.

State revenue shortfalls were only the leading edge of the effects of the Republican policies. Further effects will start to hammer us over the next 3 to 4 years much as they did in Kansas. Unlike Kansas I hope Iowa voters are smarter than to keep voting for more of the same or worse and expecting that stupid policies will somehow be corrected.

Policies don’t correct themselves. We need real, thinking, logical people to enact good policy and then to enforce it. There is nothing in their past performance or in their promises that would give anyone any reason to think Republicans would change their positions on any of the number of policies they have enacted that have purposely hurt Iowa’s citizens. Reynolds and Branstad were at the forefront of shaping this bad policy.

From the insane privatization of medicaid to the attempts to choke our children’s education to the union busting bills to the voter repression bills targeted at Democratic voters to the unbelievably harsh “fetal heartbeat” bill, Iowa’s legislature and governor have become little more than puppets in the transformation of the US to a radical right wing utopia.

While remaking Iowa into a Koch Brothers dream, they have also bankrupted the state and put the health of thousands of citizens at stake. 

So we are already in the process of picking the opponents for Iowa’s governor and legislators. Your vote in this process is really important. We want the very best candidate we can get because the next four years will determine whether Iowa thrives as a state or crashes and burns in the mold of Kansas and Wisconsin.

This is also a good opportunity for Iowans to check that their registration is valid and up to date. This will save problems in November when your vote will be so critical.

I was almost stopped from voting during municipal elections last fall because my signature name (Dave) did not match the registration (David). This despite know most of the poll workers for decades.

We also just registered my wife’s mother who moved across counties during the past year. We tried to work with the auditor’s office to make sure we had the proper identification when we went to have her registered, but the auditor’s office was not to sure what they needed. Apparently those in charge of the system are not sure how it works.

So get out now and check that registration. Then cast a vote for our next governor and your own next representative or legislator and for your next congress member. We need every Democrat to stand up and help the team!

And if you can – send some dollars to you favorite candidates. Together we can take on Republicans and where ever they get their money.

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