Sunday Funday: Spring Is Sproinging Edition

These folks could kill you by your splitting a gut:

As sure as the earth is flat the seasons change exactly on schedule every year. Or maybe not. So now here it is only a full calendar month past schedule and it looks like spring is about to sneak into our lives finally. Most likely we will forget how late spring was in a month when we are experiencing early summer temperatures. Happens nearly every year.

Being the anti-summer person that I am I shall now go into my “bah! Humbug!” phase until somewhere around September. There are simple all kinds of oddballs in this world isn’t there?

If you are able to keep up with events these days, you do need to get out and enjoy life a little.

  1. Last Friday many folks wore orange and students walked out of schools in commemoration of what recent historic event?
  1. Almost lost in all the stuff going on, Thursday was the 23rd anniversary of what violent event in the US?
  1. Who was revealed as a surprise client of Dear Leader’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen last week?
  1. Despite the fact that the lead in the water crisis is not fully resolved, what city is threatened with having its bottled water being cut off by the state’s Republican governor?
  1. What notorious phrase did Dear Leader use to describe the bombing of Syria?
  1. The new attorney for Dear Leader is what former political lightning rod?
  1. What former operative in Dear Leader’s campaign made the news with his hateful comments about Barbara Bush when she died this week?
  1. What suspect in the Russia collusion case claims he never visited Prague in 2016?
  1. A lawsuit against Buzzfeed stemming from the publication of Steele Dossier allegations was dropped by who this week?
  1. What two European countries joined the US in bombing Syria last weekend?
  1. In Iowa, a bill ending what practice that publicly identified those whose lunch account is overdrawn was signed by the governor last week?
  1. The latest former sex partner of Dear Leader’s now allowed to publicly tell her story is what former Playboy playmate?
  1. What former star of TV’s “Night Court” died last week at his home in North Carolina?
  1. What Democratic appointed FCC commissioner announced she would be leaving her post on the commission?
  1. Way too late, the Iowa Senate has passed personnel guidelines on what?
  1. As Republicans try to kill CFPB rules on auto loans it was revealed that what group pays significantly higher interest on auto loans?
  1. In a Philadelphia Starbucks, two black men were arrested by police for loitering while waiting for a friend. How long had the men waited before the police were called to arrest them?
  1. What administration official was embarrassed by Dear Leader when she announced sanctions on Russia would go into effect on TV only to find out later that Dear Leader had changed that policy without telling her?
  1. Despite bad mouthing from Dear Leader, what huge company announce they had surpassed 100 million Prime Members?
  1. Tammi Jo Shults – what did she do to make the news last week?

Starbucks will close 8,000 company owned stores for racial bias training on the afternoon of May 29th. Will other companies follow suit?


  1. The Columbine school shooting 19 years ago
  1. The Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building
  1. Sean Hannity
  1. Flint, Michigan
  1. “Mission Accomplished”
  1. Rudy Giuliani
  1. Roger Stone – you can look up his comments yourself
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. Michael Cohen
  1. France and the United Kingdom
  1. Lunch shaming
  1. Karen McDougal
  1. Harry Anderson
  1. Mignon Clyburn
  1. Harassment and retaliation – we still have to pay the bill for Republican sexual harassment
  1. Blacks
  1. 2 minutes
  1. Nikki Haley
  1. Amazon
  1. She was the pilot who performed the emergency landing after her Southwest airline plane blew an engine and lost a window.

John Fugelsang on Twitter: “i can’t hear you – type louder, with all caps.”

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