Use This Tool To See If Your Local TV Station Is Sinclair Owned

Blog for Iowa has been sounding the alarm about Sinclair Broadcasting for over a decade.  Here is the latest action alert from Media Matters. They’ve created a tool to find out if your local station is Sinclair owned.  Just put your zip code in the search box. Please share with friends. Links following to previous BFIA posts about Sinclair.


When you turn on your local news, you don’t expect to be exposed to stealth right-wing propaganda. But that’s exactly what one massive media corporation – Sinclair Broadcast Group – is fighting to make a reality all over the United States.

Does Sinclair control YOUR local news? Use our interactive map at to see where Sinclair broadcasts now and which stations it’s trying to buy.

Sinclair runs local TV stations that are affiliated with major broadcast networks, like ABC or CBS, so you may not realize that it’s using these stations to push right-wing lies into your normal newscast. But Sinclair has a long history of pushing conservative content to these stations, and now, it’s requiring all of them to air pro-Trump “must-run” segments featuring former White House aide Boris Epshteyn.

Sinclair has a huge platform. It already owns nearly 200 local news stations across the country – including more than a few in battleground states – and it’s on the verge of acquiring even more. In fact, Trump’s Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice are all that stand in the way of Sinclair acquiring up to 42 more local TV stations with its purchase of Tribune Media. But somehow, this behemoth right-wing broadcasting corporation is still flying under the radar in many communities across the U.S.

We have to make sure people know what they’re watching. Check to see if your local station is Sinclair – or under threat of becoming Sinclair – and share this tool with your friends and family now.

Thanks for paying attention and spreading the word,

Media Matters for America

Links to just a few BFIA posts about Sinclair Broadcasting in Iowa:





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