How To Fight Sinclair Broadcasting In Iowa

Sinclair  is about to become the TV version of  right-wing radio.  How do we fight back?  

1 – Everyone should go to, sign up for emails and complete the contact form to the FCC opposing the Sinclair-Tribune merger. They have filed a Petition to Deny the merger with the FCC.

You can still send a comment directly to the FCC.

You can see the filing here.


“If [the Sinclair] deal were to go through without any area divestments, Sinclair would have at least one foothold in every Iowa media market except Mason City. Sinclair would own and/or operate 10 of 28 main Iowa-related TV stations (seven markets times four affiliates). It would have two in central Iowa (Sinclair already owns KDSM) and the Keokuk/Hannibal/Quincy area. It would have “one and a half” in Sioux City because it owns Fox station KPTH and operates but does not own CBS station KMEG, and also in eastern Iowa because it owns KGAN and operates but does not own KFXA.Sinclair currently owns KTVO Ottumwa, KHQA, KGAN Cedar Rapids and KDSM Des Moines. –

2 – After that, we begin contacting our local stations directly and writing letters to the editor about biased, fake and slanted content. Local pressure on the station. Public exposure of corporate content.

3 – Contact advertisers.

4 – We can also go to the station’s public inspection files, viewable online.All public comments made to the station are also part of the public file. You still have to go to the station to view the comments, but the station is required to let anyone view the public file who wants to.  If there is anything amiss in the public inspection file, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

5 – We can also watch content and listen to what is being said on our local stations by the highly paid propagandists they call “on-air personalities.”  Write letters to the FCC, your local newspaper, your local station, your representatives in congress and in the state house.

6 – Contact your local library and ask them to purchase the DVD  “The Brainwashing of My Dad.”

Sign up for Freepress emails here

Stop Trump TV to protest the Sinclair-Tribune merger

Sign up for this FB group:  Hogwash! Fighting the Iowa Rightwing Propaganda Machine 

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