Sunday Funday: I’m Ascared Edition

The news of Bolton’s return has caused many critters to have a bad day (1.5 minutes)

Looks like Dear leader has done it. In his quest to Foxify his joke of an administration he pulled the angry walrus out of the pile – AKA John Bolton. Bolton is a scary man who seldom thinks before he acts or speaks. Putting him in a position where deep thought is required is like putting a monkey in charge of our nuclear stockpile. Oh good grief, what did I just say? That is what we already have.

For those of you looking for the rapture, it just got immensely more likely this week. For those among us who would like to live a lot longer, get active politically! This is a real warning sign that has been sent.

Well here we go answering questions about stuff that never should have happened:

  1. Yet another school shooting last week took place in what state?
  1. FBI and local authorities were able to trace a serial bomber who then blew himself up in what metropolitan area?
  1. What was the name of the giant killer in the NCAA men’s basketball tourney that became the first 16th seed to defeat a #1 seed?
  1. Who was fired by Dear Leader’s administration one day short of the time required to fulfill requirements to get a federal pension?
  1. A federal court ruled a sitting president could be sued, citing what case as precedent?
  1. Cambridge Analytica created personality micro targets with data gleaned mostly from what source?
  1. What is the name of Cambridge Analytica whistleblower who is exposing CA’s role in the 2016 election?
  1. March 25th 1911 – the death of 123 young women at what garment factory in New York City?
  1. In Iowa’s 3rd congressional district what top Democratic contender failed to file petitions with enough signatures after the campaign manager admitted forging some signatures?
  1. What lawyer for Dear Leader quit this week, one week after the administration claimed all was going well with the lawyers?
  1. New York Governor Cuomo picked up a well known opponent last week when what actress threw her name in the ring?
  1. March 28th, 1979 – a near melt down occurred at what US nuclear power plant?
  1. A group led by former US AG Eric Holder won a case in what state to force the governor to hold elections for vacant state house seats?
  1. 60 Minutes will be airing an interview with what current major person in the news tonight?
  1. Who won the Democratic nomination in Illinois for the office of governor in the primary Tuesday?
  1. The first death associated with a self-driving car happened in what city last Sunday?
  1. What cabinet secretary blamed his wife for expensive furniture bought to redecorate his office?
  1. Wow – a country that actually holds leaders feet to the fire! What former French leader is being investigated for breaking many campaign laws?
  1. A challenge has been filed in Iowa to keep what GOP candidate for governor off the ballot?
  1. 50 years ago March 31st, President Johnson made what startling announcement that stunned the country?

John Fugelsang: “The narrative that Trump’s got us talking about John Bolton as a distraction from Karen McDougal is actually a 2-tiered distraction from the reveal that Guccifer 2.0 was Russian military all along.”


  1. Maryland. The young lady died from her wounds Friday.
  1. Austin, Texas
  1. UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  1. Andrew McCabe
  1. Clinton v. Jones stating that President Clinton could be sued while in office.
  1. Facebook
  1. Christopher Wylie
  1. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
  1. Theresa Greenwood. When her campaign manager admitted forging signatures she started over tried to get enough signatures in one day – came close but failed. She was helped by many other campaigns in her quest.
  1. John Dowd
  1. Actress Cynthia Nixon
  1. Three Mile Island near Pittsburgh
  1. Wisconsin. Walker has refused to schedule elections since a shellacking a couple months ago
  1. Stormy Daniels
  1. JB Pritzker
  1. Tempe, Arizona.
  1. HUD Secretary Ben Carson
  1. Nickolas Sarkozy
  1. Former Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett.
  1. “I will not seek, nor will I accept my party’s nomination for president”
FDR second bill of rights

We can still do this!

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