2018 Legislative Agenda

For those who did not get this in their email. It is a week old, but still quite relevant.

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***   Statehouse Update, January 22  ***

We’re just starting Week 3 of the Iowa Legislature.  At the bottom of this email, you’ll find the list of bills we are watching this year and where they stand right now in the legislative process.  Here’s quick update on a few key issues we’re working on this week.

Medicaid Privatization
We all know privatization has been a disaster since day 1 and it keeps getting worse. In an investigative report out last week from the Des Moines Register, we learned hundreds of sick and elderly Iowans are stuck in a maze of appeals because the for-profit companies trying to deny their care. As mentioned above, we also learned Gov. Reynolds wants to cut another $10 million from Medicaid while thousands of Iowans still can’t get the care they deserve.

We’re going to fight this session to end privatization and put Iowans back in charge. But we can’t do it without your help.  Please sign the petition to end Medicaid privatization and use social media or an email to ask your friends and family to sign it as well.  We’ll be using the hashtag #MedicaidMess on social media.

GOP’s Budget Deficit & Reynolds’ Illegal Transfer

The first order of business this session is fix the GOP’s budget mess. Gov. Reynolds has outlined her plan to make $27 million in mid-year budget cuts and also pushing off her budget problems to the next fiscal year.  If approved, the cuts will raise tuition for Iowa students again and cut another $10 million from Medicaid, which is already a mess.  You can find the full list of Reynolds’ budget cuts here.

Over the last few years, the GOP has mismanaged the state budget and turned a $900 million into a $259 million deficit.  We don’t believe Iowans should have to pay for the GOP budget mess with higher tuition, fewer opportunities for our kids, or higher property taxes.  Democrats will work this session to restore fiscal discipline, hold the GOP accountable, and balance the state budget.

Learn More about Legislation

Bill # Bill Description Current Status Take Action
SF 2058 End Medicaid privatization Senate Human Resources Sign the petition to End Privatization
HF 2036 Make Iowa Supreme Court Justices part-time and pay them the same as lawmakers House Judiciary Committee
HF 2031 Adds Bible literacy class to Iowa public schools House Education Committee
SF 475 Directs more state money to out-of-state, for-profit online k-12 schools Approved by Senate; House Education Committee
HF 2017 Eliminate the Iowa Dept. of Public Health House State Government Committee
SF 29 Voucher program to divert $200 million from public schools to homeschools/ private schools; eliminates Iowa Dept. of Education and Iowa Public Television Senate Education Committee
HF 297/SF 253 Personhood bill: Life begins at conception; bans common forms of birth control and prohibits abortion in cases or rape/incest/health of mother House/Senate Human Resources Committees
HSB 138 End licensing for occupations like social work, mental health counselors, respiratory therapists House State Government Committee
SF 335 Reinstate the death penalty Senate Judiciary Committee
SF 288 Political discrimination for university faculty Senate Education Committee
SF 2052 Allows guns in Courthouses Senate Judiciary Committee
SF 26 Intimidate abortion providers in an effort to limit health care choices for women Senate Judiciary Committee
SF 45 Ends retirement security for public employees, including teachers, fire fighters, and police officers (IPERS, POR & 411) Senate State Government Committee
SF 54 Defines abortion as murder, even in cases of rape or incest Senate Judiciary Committee
SF 2043 Eliminate inheritance tax Senate Ways and Means Committee
SF 108 End ban on machine guns/sawed-off shotgun Senate Judiciary Committee
SF 41 Eliminates tenure system at Iowa’s state universities and community colleges Senate Education Committee
SF 71 Discourages Iowans from filing legitimate lawsuits by placing a financial burden on plaintiffs even before the case is heard by a judge or jury Senate Judiciary Committee
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