Sunday Funday: Transparency Edition



Sunday Funday: Transparency Edition

Dear Leader made such a fuss before the Nunes memo was released that we need more transparency in government. This is one point where we totally agree, although the Nunes memo had little to do with real transparency.

So, Dear Leader, for the sake of TRANSPARENCY will you release your tax returns for at least the last 30 years? Most of the public think they will go a long ways towards answering some questions we have about you and Russia.

I can hardly wait. Hey Grassley and Ernst – help Dear Leader see the sense in opening his books! Thanks!

Brother – what is this?  year 20 of Dear Leader’s reign?

  1. What #1 Hillary Hunter in the U.S. House announced that he would not run for re-election this fall?
  1. Dear Leader broke the law this week by refusing to impose sanctions on what country?
  1. Who was either fired or voluntarily left the FBI last Monday, following prolonged harassment by the administration?
  1. The co-founder of what hardware chain claimed on network TV that “Democrats, you don’t have any brains.”
  1. Who gave the official response to the State of the Union address for Democrats?
  1. An Iowa House panel approved and sent on a bill that would require the state to draw up standards for a high school course on what book?
  1. On Feb. 5th, 1958 the USAF lost what off the coast of Savannah Georgia and it has never been recovered?
  1. Friday Dear Leader decided to allow the contents of a memo on FBI practices written by what congress member be made public?
  1. An Amtrak train carrying Republicans to a retreat in West Virginia collided with what Thursday morning?
  1. The head of the Center for Disease Control resigned Wednesday when reports came out that she had purchased stock in what type of companies?
  1. Cleveland’s baseball team will remove what logo in the 2019 season because it is considered a racist symbol?
  1. Meanwhile, a story came to light that what Russian recently visited the US and met with CIA direct Mike Pompeo?
  2. At a Thursday Republican gathering, Dear Leader ripped into what potential 2020 presidential rival?
  1. What former governor was arrested for bringing a revolver into an airport?
  1. Comic strip artist Mort Walker died last week. What comic strip is Walker best known for drawing?
  1. River flooding led to the evacuation of 1500 in what European capital?
  1. Bruno Mars was the big winner at what awards program last Sunday?
  1. NAFTA renegotiations continued to be described as very slow as Round 6 talks ended Monday in what Canadian city?
  1. In Britain a junior minister was a minute late for questions. What did he then do to show his remorse for this infraction?
  1. A California Middle School was the scene of yet another what kind of tragic event Thursday?

John Fugelsang: “Evangelicals for Trump have finally perfected Christianity and all it took was rejecting all the Christ parts.”


  1. Trey Gowdy. Never did bag his prey
  1. Russia, of course. What are we going to do about it?
  1. #2 guy Andrew McCabe
  1. Home Depot
  1. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III
  1. the Bible
  1. A hydrogen bomb. Really
  1. Devin Nunes
  1. A garbage truck
  1. Tobacco companies
  1. The Indian, Chief Wahoo
  1. Sergey Naryshkin, director of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR
  1. Ohio Governor John Kasich
  1. Former Mississippi Governor Hayley Barbour
  1. Beetle Bailey
  1. Paris
  1. The Grammys
  1. Montreal
  1. He resigned on the spot
  1. Another school shooting.

Andy Borowitz: “I am DEEPLY disappointed that the Nunes memo makes ZERO mention of Benghazi.”

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