Sunday Funday: Is Steve Doocey Running The Country?


Not Steve Doocey, Dear Leader or Alfred E. Neuman

Some of you may have heard of the study done over at Media Matters concerning the source of Dear Leader’s tweet material. Seems that it almost lines up exactly with whatever is on Fox News(?) at the time of the tweet.

Now that Dear Leader is taking more “executive time” in the morning he can really concentrate on the blather that is Fox and Friends. Fox and Friends has as its co-hosts a couple geniuses named Steve Doocey and Brian Kilmeade. To give you an idea of their collective brain wattage just look at your bowl of Rice Krispies and understand that that bowl of cereal is smarter and much more articulate than Doocey and Kilmeade.

Now understand that this is where Dear Leader goes to get his opinions on issues. So there you have it, Steve Doocey is the brains behind the guy that is supposed to be running the country. Like you I am not sure whether to laugh or cry or scream in hysterics.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Consider how you want to be treated and resolve to treat all others with that degree of respect.

It just gets stranger every week.

  1. Well it’s an election year again. What pardoned criminal jumped in as a Republican in the Arizona senate race this week?
  1. What was the fastest selling book in the US last week?
  1. Who was charged with the assassination of Dr. King?
  1. House Speaker Paul Ryan had what to say about the president’s “shithole” comment?
  1. In some kind of karmic moment what was Dear Leader doing when word of his “shithole” comment was first being reported?
  1. Senator Diane Feinstein of California got the wrath of Republicans when she did what Tuesday?
  1. Why was Dr. King in Memphis when he was assassinated?
  1. Iowa Democratic Minority Leader Janet Peterson said last week that the response to what has been “disgraceful”?
  1. What state was given an unusual exemption from the newly declared administration policy allowing coastal oil drilling?
  1. Hot, hot, hot. Where in the world is it so hot that the pavement is melting?
  1. Kansas state representative Steve Alford claimed at a legislative coffee that what group responded the worst to marijuana due to their “character makeup”?
  1. What awards that Dear Leader was going to hand out last Monday has he pushed back to next Wednesday?
  1. Dear Leader claimed he cancelled his trip to London because what had happened?
  1. Ecuador is looking to remove what famous long term guest from its London embassy?
  1. In China, government officials are weighing the possibility of slowing or stopping the purchase of what?
  1. The congressional map for which state was ruled unconstitutional by a federal district court?
  1. In a strange play in the NFL playoffs, what quarterback scored after catching a deflected pass that he had thrown?
  1. In other weather news, snow fell in the town of Ain Sefra which is located in what desert?
  1. Republican representatives Darrel Issa and Ed Royce both announced they would not run for re-election. What state are both from?
  1. At its height what was the slave population in the US?

hat tip to democratic underground for this graphic


  1. Joe Arpaio
  1. Fire And Fury
  1. James Earl Ray
  1. It was “unhelpful.” Way to stand up Paulie!
  1. Taping a message about Martin Luther King, Jr.
  1. Released the testimony of from the closed door hearing with Fusion GPS
  1. He was participating in a strike with the Memphis garbage workers for more pay and better conditions
  1. The Iowa senate Republicans sexual harassment situation
  1. Florida – every state wants the same exemption
  1. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  1. African-Americans. (Care to guess Rep. Alford’s party)
  1. His “Fake Media” awards – the old quizmaster would love to have one of those!
  1. Obama sold the old embassy for peanuts and put the new embassy in an out of the way place. All lies of course.
  1. Julian Assange
  1. United States Treasuries.
  1. North Carolina
  1. Macis Mariota of the Tennessee Titans
  1. Sahara
  1. California
  1. ~ 4 million

Andy Borowitz: “Trump demands poem on the Statue of Liberty be revised to exclude “shithole” countries.”

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