Sandy Hook Was Five Years Ago Thursday

Gun Debate 5 years after Sandy Hook Massacre – 2.5 minutes

We were on our way to visit some friends when the news broke in with the story of the tragedy in Sandy Hook.

I pulled over and started crying thinking of those devastated families and friends.

Why were those innocent children slaughtered? To what purpose. Some fantasy that every American should be able to wantonly kill on a whim because he can get a gun almost on demand. Not just a gun but a weapon of mass destruction that can shoot hundreds upon hundreds of bullets a minute.

Can anyone really believe this is what the founders envisioned? Especially when there was no unfettered access to guns written into the constitution or the bill of rights.

Since that horrible day five years ago the only thing that has happened is that more and more Americans are slaughtered. Our lawmakers quake at the word “NRA” and show the courage of a panicky cat.

How much longer Senator Ernst and Senator Grassley will you bow to these purveyors of the weapons of death? Or how about you Steve King? Congressman Young? Congressman Blum? Is there not one ounce of decency or courage in your souls?

Hope you have plenty of time to ponder on the deaths of those kids over the holidays.

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