ICYMI: Ajit Pai Reconfirmed For Five Years

From This Week Tonight from last May 20 minutes

Expect An All Out Assault On Internet Neutrality Next

From Lucia at FreePress.net:

Yesterday (Monday) the Senate reconfirmed Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai. The 52–41 vote split mostly along party lines, with just four Democrats voting for Pai.

In case you forgot, Pai is hell-bent on ending Title II Net Neutrality, is pushing through the dangerous Sinclair-Tribune merger, and is jeopardizing the FCC’s Lifeline program, which provides phone and internet service to low-income families.

During the vote, Pai faced outspoken criticism from many Democrats, and received a record number of “nays” for the reconfirmation of an FCC chairman. But it wasn’t enough.

We need our lawmakers to create policies that protect the public — and to hold accountable destructive figures like Pai. And we need to hold our lawmakers accountable when they mess up.

Could you tweet at senators who voted to reconfirm Pai against their better judgment?

Click to tweet: These senators just sold you out to ISPs by reconfirming Trump’s FCC chairman: @clairecmc @Sen_JoeManchin @SenGaryPeters @SenatorTester.

Click to tweet: .@SenatorTester just endorsed the end of the internet and sold you out to Verizon and Comcast by reconfirming Trump’s FCC chairman.

Click to tweet: SHAME: @clairecmc voted to reconfirm @FCC Chairman Ajit Pai who wants to end #NetNeutrality & push through the dangerous #Sinclair merger.

Click to tweet: .@SenGaryPeters just sold you out to internet service providers by voting to reconfirm Trump’s @FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.

Click to tweet: SHAME: @Sen_JoeManchin just sold you out to Verizon and Comcast by voting to reconfirm Trump’s @FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.

Senators really do pay attention to their social-media accounts, and they need to know that this betrayal hasn’t gone unnoticed.

If you don’t have a Twitter account you can still help by donating $5 to our fight to protect the open internet.

Thanks for speaking out—

Lucia, Candace, Dutch and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team


Corporations already have near complete control of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Control of the internet is all that eludes them in their quest to control the media in this country. This is not the “free press” that our founding fathers envisioned. They envisioned a press which would openly debate the various side and implications of policy. This would help bring decision makers to good choices for all and voters to choose good candidates. 

Control of the media in a few corporate hands that vary little in their outlooks does not accommodate views that do not jibe with their outlooks. When the internet comes under their control corporations will have nearly total control of our press.

A free and open internet has been as scary to corporations of today as the the back room printing presses were to our British overlords in the 1770s. Who knows, maybe those back room presses will once more need to be brought back into service.

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