Sunday Funday: Paying The Consequences Edition

2.5 minutes

Safety signs are posted for your benefit and that of those around you. Please pay attention or you will suffer consequences.

Why didn’t someone post a sign saying “Voting For Republicans Will Result In Loss Of Freedom And Possibly Life”

I still can’t keep up – what a whirlwind.

1) One person who has called BS on the administration’s poor performance on hurricane relief is Carmen Yulín Cruz. Who is this person?

2) The current president told people in Puerto Rico that Maria was not a real disaster like what other hurricane was?

3) The US House voted in favor of a budget that will take large chunks of funding from what two safety net programs?

4) “Bump stocks” are suddenly in the nation’s vocabulary. Bump stocks are associated with what other item recently in the news?

5) Game show host Monty Hall died last week. Hall is also famous in math circles where a problem in what mathematical field is named for him?

6) In her continuing series of bad days in office, Gov. Reynolds was defending her decision not to ask what state senate leader to step down because of the sexual harassment lawsuit?

7) Iowa Democrats gathered in large numbers in Des Moines Sunday in a renewal of what former fall get together?

8) The current president’s first wife (he’s had 3 so far) stated on CBS that her former husband offered her the ambassadorship to what country?

9) After receiving large “campaign contributions” from attorney Marc Kasowitz, the New York District Attorney dropped a fraud investigation against what well connected siblings?

10) Hugh Hefner died last week. Besides Playboy, what other men’s magazine did his company publish?

11) The current president threw paper towels to what suffering people causing one critic to say “he treated us like animals.”?

12) Oct. 9th, 1941 President roosevelt signed authorization for what world changing program?

13) Sixty years ago last Wednesday (Oct. 4th), Americans were shocked to wake up to what news?

14) Secretary of State (for now anyway) Rex Tillerson called an impromptu press conference where he failed to deny the report that he called the current president what?

15) The father of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock (Benjamin Hoskins Paddock) had a career as what?

16) And another one bites the dust. What GOP senator announced he would not run for re-election next year?

17) Leading pro-life crusader Republican congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) announced his retirement after reports of what surfaced?

18) Tomorrow is Columbus Day. What other major explorer became the first to reach North America on this date in the year 1000?

19) Republicans in the US House passed a bill limiting what medical procedure for women?

20) Reportedly Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is trying to head off what presidential power that could render his investigations impotent?

From the internet: “I think I know where we went wrong; we have gun care and health control.”


1) She is the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico

2) Hurricane Katrina. uh – unbelievable

3) Medicaid ($1T) and Medicare ($500B). Backdoor Republican health destruction.

4) guns semi-automatic rifles specifically

5) probability

6) Majority Leader Bill Dix

7) the Tom Harkin Steak Fry

8) the Czech Republic

9) Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr.

10) Oui

11) Puerto Ricans during his visit Tuesday.

12) the Manhattan Project

13) the USSR had launched a satellite (Sputnik) into orbit

14) a moron – or by some reports a “f—king moron”

15) bank robber. Was on the most wanted list in the 60s and 70s

16) Tennessee’s Bob Corker

17) he asked his girlfriend to get an abortion. Murphy is also married to someone else

18) Leif Ericson

19) abortion – note Rep Murphy voted for this after he had asked his GF to have an abortion.

20) Pardons. There is fear pardons will be handed out before charges may be filed.

Andy Borowitz:  New Law Would Require Waiting Period Before NRA Could Buy Politician.

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