Sunday Funday: Current President Totally Confused Edition

Must have taken a wrong turn from the presidential throne one morning. Instead of palling around with Paul and Mitch, the loser of the presidential popular vote is suddenly palling around with Chuck and Nancy and talking about treating the DACA kids like human beings. He’s also talking about keeping the government open rather than shutting it down to teach us a lesson on something.

Keith Olbermann has a theory expressed here. My theory is that the real loser is out playing golf. He wasn’t able to play golf for several weeks due to actually having to do some work. After a couple of weeks a man’s just got to get a few rounds in, you know. So the current president reached out to his buddies in Hollywood to get him a double so he could sneak out the back door and go golfing.

He can still tweet while he golfs, but he needs someone to stand in for the face to face stuff. But like so many things in this administration, they forgot a couple of details. Like telling the double that the real guy was a ultra-right wing Republican. Well, a couple more weeks of golf and they can move the double out of the job.

I still can’t keep up with everything.

1) Katy Tur wrote a book in which she revealed that she got an unwanted kiss from who while reporting on the campaign?

2) Another test missile was fired over Japan Friday by what rogue country?

3) Irma has done its damage in the southeast US. What hurricane is churning out in the Atlantic currently?

4) A picture of Sister Mary Ann went viral on the internet as she did what in Miami?

5) The police chief of what Iowa city said the phasing out of DACA will be a real destabilizing force in his city?

6) Republicans haven’t given up on ending the ACA yet. What Republicans filed yet another bill to end the ACA this week?

7) Nearly 40 years ago, Sept. 17, 1978, the Camp David Accords were signed by what 3 parties?

8) The current president demanded an apology and his spokesperson said ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for saying what?

9) In St.Paul, MN a huge manhunt for an armed black man took place after a security guard at a small college did what?

10) What government employee asked to have a government jet take him on his honeymoon last summer?

11) Grassley’s gamble pays off for Republicans. SCOTUS put a hold on a lower court decision concerning gerrymandering in what state by a 5-4 vote?

12) The top three officers of what credit reporting company sold stock in their company the day after a security breach was discovered and long before it was reported to the public?

13) The White House wide ranging crack down on what was leaked to the press before it was put into action?

14) What far right wing politician liked the porn video “MILF Hunter” on Twitter?

15) Steve Bannon in an interview on 60 Minutes claimed the firing of who was the “biggest mistake in modern political history?”

16) What world leader got a black eye when his vehicle came to an abrupt stop in Columbia?

17) “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli had his bail revoked and was put in jail after he offered $5000 on Facebook for strands of whose hair?

18) Talk about corporate welfare. Wisconsin’s senate Tuesday approved nearly $3 billion in payments to lure what company to build a plant in their state?

19) After 13 years in orbit, the Cassini spacecraft ended its mission to what planet with a dive to the planet’s surface?

20) A “Medicare for All” bill was introduced Wednesday in the senate by Bernie Sanders. Who has had a similar bill in the House for many years?

Andy Borowitz says “Election Fraud Study Finds Massive Fraud was Elected”


1) Donald Trump

2) North Korea

3) Jose – maybe it visits the east coast next week.

4) cutting trees with a chainsaw while dressed in her habit

5) Marshalltown

6) Senators Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

7) Israel, Egypt and the US (Begin, Sadat and Pres. Carter)

8) that Trump was a white supremacist

9) shot himself and made up the story of the armed black man as a cover.

10) Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

11) Texas

12) Equifax

13) stopping leaks

14) Ted Cruz

15) FBI director James Comey

16) Pope Francis

17) Hillary Clinton

18) Foxconn

19) Saturn

20) John Conyers of Michigan

One more from Borowitz: “Porn industry irrevocably damaged by association with Ted Cruz.”

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