Media Doesn’t Get It About Trump

Olbermann nails it.

“He’s just crazy.”

“We only need to go back to last week to see how gullible most of the American political media is.

“The thing that seems to be sustaining Trump is the media’s continuing refusal to acknowledge that what the rest of us were all seeing and what they were pretending wasn’t happening was something that was outside their collective experience.

“It never ceased to amaze me that sports reporters were constantly expecting, even hoping, to cover things that had never happened before. Meanwhile, their political counterparts seem to have been entirely constructed out of the conviction that nothing that hadn’t happened before in American history could possibly happen now. There couldn’t be a candidate who sold his soul to another country to get elected because they had never covered one before. There couldn’t be a semi-functioning disturbed psyche occupying the White House because they had never run into one in the senate or the house or whatever county board they broke in covering.  And they certainly couldn’t write any of these things because Bill Saffire, Tom Whitaker, Christopher Hitchens, Merriman Smith, or whoever else they secretly thought they were, had never written such things..”

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