Quick Observations On Senate Intelligence Hearings

Ever wonder why the Constitution enshrined civilian control over the military? Watching Admiral Rogers Wednesday and hearing the exploits of General Flynn over the past several months makes it pretty clear. With guys like these on our side we are lucky the military hasn’t turned on us.

Ever wonder why Freedom of The Press is the very first enumerated freedom in the Bill of Rights? Were it not for the free press you can fairly well bet there would be no hearings on what continues to smell of treasonous actions during the last election.

As a subset of that, since much of our major media has been subsumed by corporations over the past 40 years and has thus been neutered in their main job of being watchdogs on government. Thinking of that we become quite aware of why closing down the one truly free media where citizen journalists can expose government shenanigans – the internet – is so crucial to those who have power.

Much of the information that we have concerning what has transpired has come to us through blogs and independent journalists. The current FCC and its leader Ajit Pai desperately want toe top that in its tracks.

I have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump has no concept of right and wrong. there is no moral compass at all. Right is what a person can get away with and wrong is those who try to stop him.

Kamala Harris – keep it up!

Finally, John McCain – please retire and quit embarrassing the country and your state.

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