Kim Reynolds: Rubbing Our Noses In It Right Off The Bat


The king is in China, but little will change

Over at, desmoinesdem does a great analysis of the hypocrisy of the Kim Reynolds inauguration speech after Reynold’s swearing in on May 24th.

This is an excellent read and well worth the 15 minutes or so it will take to read it. A simple summary might go something like this:

‘I am here to claim that I will work to improve the lot of workers and students in Iowa, that I will solve the health care problems and help to give our citizens a second chance. But please don’t look at my record because you can easily see I don’t mean it.’

Just to throw a little salt in the wound, Reynolds then goes flying to events around the state in a jet owned by mega donor Gary Kirke. According to radioiowa, Kirke is seeking a state license for a new gambling casino in Cedar Rapids.

Reynolds claims she has no input on the license and that she checked with the ethics board twice to make sure use of the plane did not violate ethics rules.

That is all well and good. Maybe there is no ethics violations. But it surely doesn’t pass the smell test. This one stinks like a CAFO in a summer heat wave.

Reynolds words say she is for the common Iowan. Reynolds actions show she will be the governor for the wealthy and well connected. Iowa already has way too many politicians like that. Let’s make her stay in Terrace Hill a short one.

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