Republican Party All Alone On Market Based Health Care


AARP on ACHA after the House vote

While taking one of my tours through my eye caught a comment that piqued my interest:

Interesting thing about the far right National Front (French) Party

In their angry racist far right campaign, considered by many to be the most far right major party in Europe, not a single statement was made about changing their single payer health insurance for all national plan.

They also voiced their support for the 35 hour work week and supporting civil servants and continuing the basic work of the modern state.

They may be bat shit crazy for Europe but here they would be seen as too far left for the Republican Party.

The US Republican Party is the only party in modern developed democracies to not embrace universal health care as a fundamental right.

I have seen this posted elsewhere but never really followed up on it. Once again I tried to follow up on it but was not sure how to google this. About all I could do was depend on readings and videos over the years.

America has been working on making some form of universal health care available for all for over a century. In that time every other major country in the world – many with much less for resources – have been able to figure a way to get healthcare for every citizen.

Of course, truth be told, Americans pay 40% more than the next most costly system, Canada, and deliver health care to far less people and worse results.

Now that Republicans are in charge of the whole apparatus of the federal government from capitol hill to the Supreme Court and White House there is little chance that this will get any better. Their last proposal left 24 million behind. Their current proposal is much worse.

The richest country in the world certainly has the resources and facilities to offer health care to all of its citizens. What we appear to lack is the moral courage to stand up to those who deny other American citizens access to health care. It is very obvious who is denying access to the health care system. The Republican Party is the only group in the world that actively works to keep health care out of the access of the poor and ill.

Whether it is out of some misguided religious morality – how can denying health care be driven by morality? – or some horrible hangover of the racism that seems to pervade our society, it is long past time for America to grow up as a nation. It is time for us to fulfill one of the promises in the Preamble to the Constitution to “promote the general Welfare.”

If you voted for the Republican Party you really have to ask yourself if you want pre-existing conditions to return as a part of the health care system. You must ask yourself if you would be comfortable to see your son or daughter as someone who would be denied insurance and thus health care. Republicans don’t campaign on taking away health care from people, but the time for anyone not knowing that a vote for Republicans is a vote to restrict access to health care is long past.

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