Flood The FCC With Comments For Net Neutrality

common causeAction Alert from former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps:

Donald Trump’s new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman wants to give big cable companies like Comcast and Verizon the power to censor what you can see and say online, or to charge you extra for using sites like Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook.

This corporate power grab couldn’t happen at a worse time, when so many rely on the Internet to get informed and organized against this authoritarian president. We The People must fight back.

Speak out today, and we’ll transmit your information to the FCC as an official public comment in defense of Net Neutrality.

Take Action!

Net Neutrality is the simple principle of fair and equal treatment online — and that Comcast and Verizon shouldn’t get to slow down the websites you use to make you pay a special fee. We won those protections because 4 million Americans used the FCC’s public comment process to speak out — so we must flood the docket now to demand that Trump’s FCC leave Net Neutrality alone.

Without Net Neutrality, your internet could get a lot slower, a lot more expensive, and limited only to what your internet provider wants you to see. It’ll be much harder for activists to connect and organize together, for independent news outlets to get their message out, or for voters to get informed about the issues they care about — and our democracy will be weaker for it.

That’s why we need to speak out in Net Neutrality’s defense, by once again flooding their public comments with a resounding message in support of Net Neutrality

One thing I learned after serving for a decade on Federal Communications Commission and spending my life advocating for the public interest, it’s to never underestimate what We The People can accomplish.

So even though Big Cable thinks their high-priced lobbyists and friends on the FCC are enough to win this fight, I’m not giving up hope.

Because I remember hearing the exact same things three years ago, when millions of Americans demanded the FCC write its strong Net Neutrality rules. But through our (and your) determined grassroots efforts, we proved everyone wrong, and we’ll do it again.

It won’t be easy — neither was gathering four million grassroots comments to the FCC, while mobilizing constituents to expose lawmakers on Comcast and Verizon’s payroll and stop them from getting in the way.

But if we can count on your support again, I know we will win. Please join me in calling on the FCC to leave Net Neutrality alone.

Thanks for all you do,

Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner & Special Advisor for Media & Democracy
and the team at Common Cause

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