Sunday Funday: Repeal And Replace Edition


A fictional cousin of mine had a great idea a while back. He was all caught up in the ‘repeal and replace’ fervor that has been the rage in Republican circles for many years. He didn’t like his job, so he told his wife that he had decided to ‘repeal and replace’ it. So he quit his good paying job. Unfortunately he followed Republican guidelines and the replacement was much worse. He chose a replacement in the minimum wage range.

He was quite proud because his taxes were bigly lower. But the replacement was not the equal of the original. His life fell apart as he lost his home, his cars and his family.

The lesson here is that if you plan to replace something, you had best make the replacement better than what it replaced. Or there will be blowback.

Yet another week from hell.

1) A small bomb popped in Des Moines when Iowa’s attorney general said Kim Reynolds could not legally do what?

2) The New York Times ran off many subscribers when it hired what climate change denier from the Wall Street Journal as a columnist?

3) An appeal to the 9th circuit court threatens to unravel a $25 million settlement with what fraudulent Trump business?

4) In their continuing rush to the right, MSNBC gave Nicole Wallace a show and reportedly is in talks with what ultra right radio talker?

5) May 7th was day our family would take some time to think. What happened on May 7th, 1945?

6) The current president loves his dictators. What Philippino President has been invited to visit the White House?

7) The president walked out during an interview last week with what reporter when he (the president) objected to a line of questioning?

8) Also, the president called for a what in September to “fix this mess in government”?

9) Branstad signed what three extremely regressive bills Friday calling it a “banner day!”

10) Which Iowa congress member did NOT vote to repeal the ACA Thursday?

11) Hasan Minhaj garnered much attention as he did what last weekend?

12) Democratic House members sang what song on the floor after Republicans voted for the awful ACHA Thursday?

13) Jared Kushner is a partner in a real estate company named Cadre with what bane of Republicans?

14) It looks like at 96 what royal has decided it is a good time to retire?

15) According to our poorly read president, who could have stopped the Civil War?

16) Jimmy Kimmel drew rancid right wing criticism when he spoke about what on his show early this week?

17) Commencement season is here. What unlikely commencement speaker is scheduled to address HBCU Bethune-Cookman University Wednesday?

18) Desiree Farooz of Code Pink was convicted of what heinous crime last week and may faced up to a year in prison?

19) A lawsuit set to go before a judge May 15th links what Trump property to a pedophile ring?

20) Jane Meyer won a $1.43 million judgment against the U of Iowa for what offense by the university?

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men;” John Adams, Thoughts On Government 1776.

What is it about this that Republicans don’t get?


1) fill the Lt. Governor position when she moves to governor.

2) Bret Stephens

3) Trump University.

4) Hugh Hewitt

5) The surrender of Germany to the US

6) Rodrigo Duterte

7) John Dickerson

8) a government shutdown

9) bills restricting abortions, voter suppression and medical malpractice lawsuit limits

10) Dave Loebsack. Thank you, Dave

11) The entertainment at the White House correspondents dinner

12) “na, na, na, hey, hey, hey good-bye” referring to Republican election chances sinking.

13) George Soros. Kushner did not reveal this investment when he was appointed to his government position.

14) Prince Phillip

15) Andrew Jackson

16) his newborn son’s emergency surgery. Kimmel related it to the impending repeal of the ACA

17) Education Secretory Betsy DeVos. (HBCU is historically black colleges and universities)

18) Laughing during the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings. She laughed when Sen. richard Shelby stated that Sessions had a well-documented record of “treating all Americans equally under the law.”

19) Mar-a-Lago

20) sex and gender discrimination along with retaliation and whistle blower violation and unequal pay.

See you next week

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