A Real Sticky Problem

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If I was a loud and proud Republican Christian member of congress who truly believed that Christ exists and judges us on our acts, I would be quite concerned about my spiritual life right now.

Throughout the gospels the central message is to treat our fellow men as we would want to be treated.

Based on that, there are about 216 congress critters that will have a lot of explaining to do were they to have to explain their vote to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans or make it nearly inaccessible.

If Christ is all that they purport to believe, then they won’t be able to spin and bullshit their way out of this. Their Christ will see through the lies and easily see that those who voted for the ACHA are playing God with the lives of millions and millions.

From time immemorial this has been the kind of thing that is a grievous sin.

Good luck talking your way out of this one, Republicans. Or is it that deep down you really do not believe what you claim to believe? Either way you are living a lie.

Also if these men and women had spiritual leaders who were more conversant with Christ than with the trappings of money and power, said leaders should be counseling congress critters that Christ taught us to help our fellow man rather than use power to impoverish and debilitate others.

The vote to take health care away from millions by the party purporting to be the Christian party should once and for all put to rest the lies about this country being either a moral nation or a Christian nation. Our current leadership loves and follows only money and power.

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Republican Jesus

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