Sunday Funday: Earth Day Edition 2017

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Well, as in every year we focus on the one and only nest we and the millions of other species have to depend on in this universe. The rest of the year we don’t care.

To prove how little Americans especially don’t care about crapping in the one and only nest we have, we now have a environmental denying president who appointed an actual avowed enemy of the environment to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Having a habitable earth for our children, grand-children and so on is very low on their list. Destroying the EPA and any scientific work on the environment is at the top of the list.

Those who believe there is some invisible being guiding us, may I ask why it is so mean?

Were You Paying Attention? Even without congress in session, it was a busy week.

1) Speaking of environment, where did this last March rank among warmest Marches ever?

2) Earth Day! I don’t remember that as a kid. When was the first “earth day” celebrated?

3) You will get there eventually no matter which way you go. The administration claimed an “armada” was headed for North Korea when actually it was headed to where?

4) Leaking oil is once again in the news. BP once again has a leak. This time it is in what state?

5) Can you drive a pickup to New Zealand? Who has the administration picked as ambassador to New Zealand?

6) A form of distracted driving, what has been elevated to a primary traffic offense in Iowa?

7) “Rare data error” is the term that officials in Georgia’ 6th district claimed was the reason for the delay in what county’s reporting of vote counts late Tuesday evening?

8) In 1969 what American river caught fire highlighting America’s problems with pollution?

9) Chuck Grassley claims that Trump’s taxes should no longer be in question since what happened?

10) The day Bill O’Reilly lost his job at Fox News for sexual harassment (in part), he was hobnobbing in Italy with what international figure?

11) The first round of a presidential election is going on in what major western country today?

12) In an announcement that shook the automotive world what potential major player said it would add a line of semi trucks this year and a line of pick ups in two years?

13) Republicans will be looking for another showdown on what issue by next Friday?

14) Without congressional action, the federal government will shutdown what time next week?

15) What was the book and who was the author of that book that is often cited as the start to the environmental movement?

16) In an odd twist, a black college student in Princess Anne, Maryland was charged with a hate crime after setting fire to a billboard featuring what politician?

17) “Probably the most expensive way ever invented to boil water” is one description of what environmentally unsound way of producing electricity?

18) Today we celebrate the 453rd anniversary of what person who is probably the most influential English writer in history?

19) What Iowa congressman received national notoriety as he toasted the deportation of a DACA student Tuesday?

20) Senator Gaylord Nelson from what neighboring state to Iowa is usually given credit for starting Earth Day?

Iowa football held its spring game at night for the first time Friday night. Iowa won. Too bad they couldn’t play them in a bowl game.


1) it was second warmest behind March of 2016. But there was no el nino this year.

2) 1970 – and yes I am getting old.

3) Australia. But the earth is round and mostly water. It would get to Korea eventually

4) once again Alaska where BP has some leaking history

5) former short term senator Scott Brown

6) texting while driving

7) Fulton County. Don’t expect an Ossoff win in June since Georgia’s electronic voting machines are unverifiable.

8) the Cuyahoga in Ohio

9) Trump “won” the election so taxes are no longer an issue. How can a senator be so dumb?

10) The Pope

11) France

12) Tesla

13) the ACA or Obamacare

14) Midnight next Friday or the 100th day of the current administration

15) “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

16) Trump

17) nuclear power

18) William Shakespeare

19) Steve King of course

20) Wisconsin

Treat your earth gently. We all have but one.

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