After This Legislative Session, Iowa Need A New Slogan


Republicans That Voted Against Iowa Workers

Most folks may be surprised to find out Iowa has a state slogan. To be honest, finding the state slogan is not that easy to do. A simple google search finds multiple slogans that seem to be in play.

There seems to be some consensus the “Iowa: Fields Of Opportunity” is the current slogan. Or it could be “Iowa: A Place To Grow.” Either way, neither seems to reflect the new reality that the radical right Republicans in the Iowa legislature have created.

So today I will offer some suggestions that may better prepare visitors for what Iowa really is:

Iowa: A Kansas Wannabe

Iowa: Downwind From The CAFOs

Iowa: Lowest Pay In The Country

Iowa: Where Steve King Is An Intellectual

Iowa: Home To The Man That Stole The Supreme Court Seat

Iowa: We Cut Taxes And Ran Out Of Money

Iowa: Ten Years Behind In Road Repair

Iowa: Women Sort Of Welcome

Iowa: A State For Old, White Men

Iowa: Workers Don’t Count

Iowa: Education Just Makes Pointy-Headed Liberals

Iowa: Reading The Bible On The Court-House Lawn

Iowa: We Pay The MCOs Before The Medicaid Client

Iowa: Shoot Your Neighbor If He Shoots Off Newly Legal Fireworks

Well I am out of ideas at the moment, but you can bet that this legislature will give us many more ideas all year.

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